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Trusted retailer Natural Baby Shower launches live shopping experiences with Emplifi

With Emplifi Live Advisor, Natural Baby Shower gives parents personal advice at scale during their shopping.

Natural Baby Shower is a UK-based retailer of eco-friendly baby products. Champions of all things best for babies, best for parents, and best for the environment, Natural Baby Shower wanted to revolutionize their customer experience during the pandemic. 

Even though its retail location was closed during the first lockdowns, new and veteran parents alike needed the guidance of the Natural Baby Shower specialists. In response, the brand needed a way to connect its specialists with parents around the country. 

Digital transformation for seamless customer experiences

The brand’s goal has always been to make baby shopping simpler. During the pandemic, it wanted to assure customers that it was still there to help. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Natural Baby Shower teamed up with Emplifi to connect to its customers digitally. 

Implementing Emplifi Live Advisor empowered the brand to offer a live, two-way conversation between customers and brand experts. With Live Advisor, Natural Baby Products provides parents instant live demos of products, personalized advice, and longer consultations to go through everything they need for their new arrival.

Long-term success with omnichannel shopping

Now, its video calls continue to thrive. Parents are enjoying the option to shop in-store from the comfort of their own homes with specialists walking them through everything from prams to baby-grows.

“Customers love it! It’s giving them the experience they want and that’s what we’ve got to do,” said Esma Tirla, Store Manager, Natural Baby Shower. “It’s very accessible, it’s very quick, and this is how the world is now.”

In the first months of implementing Emplifi Live Advisor, Natural Baby Shower achieved a 4.9/5 customer satisfaction score on its live video offerings. Online shoppers love the convenience of hopping on a quick call with a specialist to solve their queries.

The takeaway

Moving forward, live conversations will be an integral part of Natural Baby Shower’s customer experience. At such a special time in people’s lives, the brand provides personalized service to each customer. 

Interested in delivering a personal touch at scale? Schedule a demo with an Emplifi expert today.

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