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What makes a great social media team?

With social media's growing role in people's lives, a stellar social media team has never been more important. In Part 4 of our 5-part Social Media Superstars series, see what experts look for when building a successful team.

In the last decade, social media marketing has become integral to any brand’s marketing strategy. With more than 4 billion people projected to use social media in 2025, and platforms like TikTok transforming the landscape, organizations are investing more resources into the medium. As a result, the social media manager has become a critical position supporting multiple teams throughout a company.

The role of social media managers has expanded to touch several business departments, including marketing, commerce, and care. Social media managers must wear many hats — the strategist, the storyteller, the community builder, the customer care whiz — all while inspiring followers to become customers.

In this 5-part blog series, we’ll share valuable insights from some of the leading minds in the field on topics ranging from technology to skillset. They’ll also offer advice to young professionals aspiring to start their social media careers. Be sure to view them all here!

The world’s digital population is growing, which means the reach and usage of social media are taking to new heights.

Social networks provide access to new information for users. They’ve also become part of everyday life. Social media continues to change the way people interact with each other universally. 

In its earlier days, social media leaned toward younger generations of online communities. Now, people of all ages frequent these platforms for business, socializing, dating, politics, and routine communication. In fact, if given only one choice, consumers today want to communicate with brands via social media above all other channels.

It’s these qualities that have changed the way social media teams operate. 

Managing a social media presence can be cumbersome because it’s not only about creating the best strategy to adapt to these evolving consumer expectations; it’s also about implementing it correctly. You must leverage your social platforms to build customer relationships and sell products and services in a way that aligns with those expectations. For example, when purchasing on social media, only about 40% of consumers feel they receive excellent CX. Meeting these expectations requires a team effort. 

Everyone must work together to forge deeper relationships with audiences — and to be more than just a product or service provider. So, how can brands build the best social media team for these times? Read on to learn what our social media superstars value in their team operations and how they develop new strategies. 

Q: What makes a great social media team? 

1. Diversity and inclusion are a must.

"Having people with diverse backgrounds is basic for a creative environment," said Aura Antonia Garia, Creative Manager, Penguin Random House (MX).

"You may want to have people with a lot of experience, but also people with a fresh mind, willing to learn and to gain experience. It also depends on what you're trying to achieve. If you're talking to a young audience, you may want to get someone familiar with them behind the keyboard, but if you're talking to moms, maybe someone who knows what they're going through. As a team leader, always listen; your job is not only to help them do their jobs, but to become better creatives."

2. Communication is key. 

"From my experience, it's two components: different age groups/interests and SHARING," said Kseniya Mahileuskaya, Digital & Social Media Senior Executive, Department of Tourism and Culture of Abu-Dhabi.

"The team can be as professional as it gets, but if you don't communicate, you will not grow or improve. As for my personal preference, I would add 'International' as a third component. Working with a team of different backgrounds and languages is an outstanding place for creativity."

3. Collaboration is important. 

"The opportunity to sit down and plan and create together," said Karla Ramirez, Head of Content Management, Grupo Editorial Altamirano (SV). 

"I believe that planning is not a process that should be done only by the head of the area, but also with everyone in the team, so that everyone contributes from different perspectives and from the knowledge of how the different stages of the process work or not."

4. Interdepartmental strategy builds success. 

"Great media teams will be the ones that can communicate not only among themselves but with key departments of the organization (not only marketing) as these teams will be key to enable organizations to build robust business strategies," said Citlali Amaranta del Valle Alonso, Insights Manager, Hershey's.

"These teams have to work across all the organization departments, and have to have the ability to communicate their findings to the decision makers."

Q: How do you come together to deliver an amazing social media strategy?

1. Trustworthiness goes a long way. 

"One of our company values is 'We are trustworthy,' so communication is everything," said Payclip. 

"It is fundamental to have a team with strong creative skills and expertise in design, copywriting, community management, and social media, and being hardworking team players. Bring innovative solutions that improve efficiency and optimize resources."

2. Organization overcomes obstacles. 

"We work based on discipline and organization, content grids that span several weeks, and good communication, in addition to all the creative contributions of the entire team," said Viñedos La Redonda. 

3. Regular alignment on priorities that support the end goal is essential. 

"Monthly alignment with the Brand department and dedicated meetings to align the digital strategy across all channels," said Piaggio Group (IT).

As consumer expectations and the role of social media in the customer journey continues to grow, social media teams must continue to find ways to elevate and scale customer experience across social media channels. A unified social media management platform can improve collaboration and efficiency amongst your team, from content planning to publishing and analysis.

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud has helped top brands elevate their social media game and drive business results. Want to learn how Emplifi can help elevate your social media team to the next level? Book a demo today to speak with an Emplifi expert.

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