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Social media managers have to wear many hats — the strategist, the storyteller, the community builder, the customer care whiz — all while inspiring followers to become customers.

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of US consumers find it very important to receive excellent CX on social media when making a purchase. (Emplifi/Harris Interactive)

Emplifi's Social Media Superstars for 2022

Get inspired to take the next step in your social media career. Check out our superstar profiles to see how they help their companies succeed on social media, and what advice they have to help you become a social media superstar yourself!

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Stacy Oularis

Stacy Oularis

Social Media Community Manager at ANZ

See what Stacy believes are the key skills that any social media professional needs to succeed, how to bounce back after a rough patch in your career, and how to create effective visual experiences.

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Aminta Iriarte Crunch Fitness

Aminta Iriarte

Senior Manager, Global Social Media Strategy at Crunch Fitness

See what advice Aminta has to share about experimenting on social media, not taking failures personally, and the key tools all social media managers need in their day-to-day toolkit.

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Aura García Penguin Random House

Aura García

Creative Manager at Penguin Random House México

Learn what Aura feels is the most challenging (but exciting) part of her job, the role of technology in driving results, and how crucial it is to be a team player to be a successful social media professional.

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Kseniya Mahileuskaya

Kseniya Mahileuskaya

Digital & Social Media Senior Executive at Abu Dhabi DCT

See what Kseniya has to share about creating effective social experiences, the importance of a strong work-life balance, and her advice for social media professionals who are just starting out.

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The business impact of social media: Then and now
It’s hard to imagine where brands would be without social media today... but it hasn't always been this way. To understand the business impact of social media today, we need to look back at how we got here in the first place.
The 10 must-have skills to become a successful social media manager
Emplifi Social Media Superstars Series Part 2: What skills are critical for social media managers to succeed? See what our social media superstars have to say.
Q&A with Mari Smith: 6 answers to today’s burning social media questions
What does the future have in store for social media? What is the potential of the metaverse for brands? Often referred to as the Queen of Facebook, renowned Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith answers some of the top questions social media managers face today.
The 6 social media benchmarks you need to know for 2023
Having reliable metrics from industry peers is one of the best sanity checks to understand how your own social media strategy is performing. Dive into the top paid and organic social media benchmarks you need to know to help guide your strategy this year.
Finding your voice on TikTok: 9 steps to success
TikTok is the hottest entertainment platform on the market today. Finding your brand's voice on it is crucial if you want to truly connect with your audiences. Here are some tips to help you.
Social media analytics: The complete guide
There’s no point in marketing if you can't see whether you’re doing well or not. The same applies to social media analytics' role in powering successful social media marketing campaigns. Here's everything you need to know today about social media analytics.
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