Check out new advanced filtering, Bynder & Salesforce workflows, reimagined community widgets and streamlined account management

Filter mentions and data by country and language across social channels and the Web

New enhancements in Listening Settings give teams greater power and accuracy across all sources when filtering on country or language.  Now, users can collect Facebook, Instagram and YouTube mentions - along with Twitter and Web sources – in the language and/or countries desired. 

Rather than the previous approach of selecting all countries or languages and then deselecting unwanted ones, you can now very easily 

  • Set up the country and language filters for all sources all at once

  • Set up the listening to collect or exclude mentions from specific countries or languages

Expanded content management workflow with Bynder support in Publisher & Collections

Work faster and more fluildy by finding and using the correct, approved assets in Bynder

Teams achieve greater efficiency and content velocity by working with powerful asset management systems like Bynder.  Now, users of Publisher and Collections are able to import assets directly from Bynder Digital Asset Management with greater speed and ease.  

Many companies use Bynder as their central digital asset management platform and Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud as their social media management platform of choice to schedule, publish and analyze social media posts.  In Bynder, there is a Content Collections area where marketers organize their assets before publishing and distributing them to the local social media teams.

Team workflows and content sharing just got a whole lot easiest.  In this release, there is integration between Bynder Digital Asset Management directly with Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud to create a powerful and integrated workflow that makes direct scheduling of assets a breeze.  It is as easy as hitting the import button and voila! -  you can access, browse and choose assets from your entire Bynder library.

Add Profile Update

Connecting your Owned profiles is now even more effective

With our Add a Social Profile button, you are able to add any public profile, or connect any owned profile, from any part of our product. With the latest update, you have the power to decide whether you want to connect to the Insights or Publishing permission, or both.

As a bonus, the process of adding pages will be less prone to errors than in the past, which will make your user experience even smoother.

More country-tagged profiles in Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud data package

The ever-growing Emplifi database of monitored profiles

Advanced analytics like Social Marketing Cloud’s Listening module are a must for analyzing earned mentions. But insights cannot be successfully derived if there are not enough sources in the first place. That is why we continuously add new profiles to the platform’s ever-growing profile database.

In this release, Social Marketing Cloud has increased coverage for every region. Central and Eastern Europe’s coverage grew by 74%, Africa and Asia by more than 50% and the rest of the world by 40% to 50%. There are 100,000 new country-tagged profiles for Facebook, 45,000 for Instagram and 26,000 for YouTube on top of the current database.

Users benefit by seeing more results with every query, especially if they filter FB, IG, and YT by country. Regions where coverage was inadequate will see more results. in most cases. Analysis based on those results will be more robust as it will be derived from bigger samples of data. And there is nothing that users are required to do. All the improvements will appear automatically.

Note that Twitter filtering by country remains as it has, and country coverage can be improved by applying the Twitter Country filter, selecting the profile country versus the message country profile.

As a result, users can now benefit from a deeper, richer database of profiles by country through extended profiles now added to the database.

Advanced Community integration with Salesforce supports record types and automated fields mapping

In this release, the platform offers continued  important improvements of our already existing integration between Community and Salesforce to continue to simplify and speed-up the ability to create Salesforce customer cases directly inside Community Inbox. 

  • Record Types - The record type is the way the fields are organized in Salesforce. The set-up in Salesforce of one or more record types makes sure that all the people collaborating in the case creation will provide the right information for each type of case. Now, Community allows the selection of the record type and can mimic it to display the right list and order of input fields in the Community modal that allows the case creation for better efficiency and data consistency.

  • Field Mapping - As in the case in many business workflows, Information that is provided for each input field follows precise rules. In this release, Community now allows field mapping to support these workflows. For example, a certain type of input field in a record type can be automatically populated with a certain static value or with a value from the related message in Community, i.e. the sentiment, the profile name, etc. This value helps support existing business processes and optimizes your investment in Salesforce.

Total Community Size & Growth of Community Size Widgets now reimagined as Flexible Widgets

Our Total Community Size and Growth of Community Size Widgets for dashboards has been reimagined as Flexible Widgets. Track how your community is growing, or compare yourself with competitors - now with the ability to slice by multiple breakdowns and resize the widgets to show more data points across all of our supported social media platforms.

Supported filters/dimensions include:

  • Date

  • Profile Label

  • Profile

  • Platform

Log in with your Apple ID

In this release, you can now use your Apple ID to log into and authenticate your Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud account. It’s easy and fast - just set up the new identity in the Personal Settings of the account.

Easier Account Management through Automated Profile Deactivation

To save on server costs and keep the administration of social media management profiles up-to-date, the new release of Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud allows Administrators the ability to automatically deactivate profiles in Community that are inactive.  

Any profiles that are queued for deactivation will trigger a pre-notification to the Admin so that the Admin can approve or reject the deactivation, and keep the profiles if necessary.  

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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