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Social media benchmarks: Q4 2021 - How does your brand stack up?

Brands' global social media ad spend reached its highest point of the year. Learn more and get the latest benchmarks and insights shaping paid and organic social media.

[White Paper] Bridging the Gap Between the Experience Customers Want and the Experience You Provide

A notable gap exists between the experience companies believe they provide, and how their customers actually view that experience. In this White Paper by IDC, sponsored by Emplifi, learn more about the CX gap brands face today, the barriers creating this gap, and how to overcome them.

[Gartner® Report] Predicts 2022: Customer Service and Support

With consumer expectations constantly in flux, a few shifts must happen for brands' customer service efforts to translate to amazing CX in 2022. In this complimentary Gartner report, learn more about these shifts and gain other key insights to power your CX strategies this year.

[Infographic] Social media is gaining steam (but a key disconnect exists)

Shoppers are increasingly turning to social media to seek out, research, and most importantly, buy products. Learn more about the current and future state of social commerce, and one key thing brands must do to help ensure sustained success for their social commerce efforts.

The must-have 2022 social media calendar

Managing a social media calendar is challenging enough, especially trying to keep track of all the different hashtag social media holidays. We've got you covered - here's a comprehensive list of the must-know social media holidays, all in one place.

Social commerce: How can brands turn challenges into opportunities in 2022?

Social commerce keeps gaining steam, but many brands face social commerce challenges on their way to success. How can they overcome these in the coming months?

How social customer care will define the next era of social commerce

What does the future of social commerce look like? A greater focus on social customer care and service. See how this will lead to long-term success.

[Report] The state of social and media and CX in Q3 2021: Key insights you need to know

How much has global ad spend increased since 2020? What type of post drives 3x more engagement on Facebook than all others? Are brands' responding to Facebook comments quicker than they were last year? These are the insights marketers need to know today.

The Infinite Experience: A recap of Emplifi Summit '21

Emplifi Summit '21 brought together innovators and luminaries to shine a light on the future of CX, marketing, social commerce, and customer care. Check out our full recap of the event here.

Clear your calendar for these 5 customer experience events

CX conferences and events offer a treasure trove of insights to help you modernize your CX programs, and learn new ways to connect with your customers. Here are five you can't miss.

10 essential tips for social commerce campaigns

Social commerce has many moving parts, and effective campaigns require detailed attention to every aspect of shoppers’ experiences. Make sure to follow these ten tips for social commerce success.

Taking social commerce to the next level

Social commerce and livestream shopping have emerged as key ways to connect with digital shoppers. Here's how Emplifi is taking these to the next level with the acquisition of Go Instore.

An introduction to Social Commerce: What brands need to know in 2021

Social commerce is taking online shopping by storm. But what is it, exactly, and how can brands get the most from their social commerce efforts? Here's everything that brands need to know over the coming months.

The future of shopping is social commerce

As consumers, online shopping allows us to shop more efficiently. But let's face it, it's not very fun. Social Commerce is changing all that by putting fun back into the shopping experience, but virtually. How can you ready your brand for social commerce?

Social Media Listening: What to know about this essential marketing tool in 2021

Learn more about why strong Social Listening plays a growing role in any strong marketing analytics setup, where it should fit into your CX strategy, and how it can help you get a leg up on other brands in an increasingly competitive market.

[Report] The state of CX in the automotive industry: 2021

The car buyer’s journey is growing more and more digital, and the events of 2020 only accelerated things. See the latest CX trends facing the Auto industry today to help your brand deliver amazing, empathetic experiences across the car buyer's journey.
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[Guide] CX in a new era of customer expectation

How can brands meet customers' ever-growing expectations and close the customer experience gap? Check out this guide to learn more.

[Guide] Improving experiences across the customer journey using messaging channels

Instant, efficient, and convenient: all things the modern consumer demands from their experiences. For brands, messaging channels play a key role in meeting these expectations. Learn how to get the most from these channels.
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What you need to know to build a solid crisis management plan

You have a social media crisis on your hands. Do you know what to do next? Here are a few strategies to help prepare for and deal with a crisis right away.
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How to craft a winning reputation management strategy

Every day, your company’s reputation is on the line. So, how can you craft a reputation management strategy that both empowers your team and helps your brand rise to the top of the reviews (and of the mind of potential customers)?
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Customer service experience essentials: how to create winning experiences

Gone are the days where brands can compete solely based on price. Brands must consistently deliver fast, omnichannel customer service to meet growing consumer expectations for customer support. Here's how.
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Closed-Loop Feedback: How to Get More From Your Surveys (and Delight Customers)

Closing the customer feedback loop can help turn bad experiences into good ones, and make good experiences even better. Here's everything you need to know.
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7 customer self-service examples (and practical CX advice)

Learn seven best practices for implementing digital self-service, including customer examples.
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How to measure social media ROI: a complete guide

Provable return on investment (ROI) has become the holy grail of the social media marketing world. Here are some of the key steps to quantify and measure the ROI of your social media marketing efforts.
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Instagram Messaging for business: why it’s key to community care

Facebook rolls out Messenger API Support for Instagram publicly, now available to Emplifi clients.

Top 40 customer experience statistics to know in 2021

Closing the customer experience gap is only becoming more critical for brands. Here are the customer experience trends and stats every customer-centric brand must know today.
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Building a customer service chatbot: 8 elements of a great interaction

Make sure your customer service chatbot enhances CX with these examples of components you should include in your chatbot.

9 important contact center industry standards (and how to achieve them)

How do you stack up against industry benchmarks for response times and agent efficiency metrics?
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[Guide] Your primer to Voice of Customer, and how it fills CX insight gaps

Voice of the Customer (VoC) provides a glimpse into the mind of customers like no other data source can. Here's what you need to know about VoC today, and how it can help power your CX for years to come.

Mapping the customer journey: What insights you need (and how to get them)

What types of insights do you need to drive successful customer journey mapping efforts? Here are a few you should not do without.
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How chatbots help businesses to improve customer experience in 2021

Whatever the key metrics to measure ROI might be, companies of all sizes and all industries can benefit from chatbots to help improve CX, if implemented correctly.

Conversational AI: what it is and why your IVR desperately needs it

Chatbots with true conversational capability can revolutionize your interactive voice response system.

Customer service goals 2021: objectives and examples

What are the most important customer service goals your team needs to meet? Learn about the top 5 goals for customer service, plus examples.

Correlation vs causation: What's the difference?

What you need to know about causation and correlation, including key differences and examples of both.