Emplifi Authenticity Infographic

[Infographic] How customers pursue authenticity on the path to purchase and loyalty

A closer look at the integral role — and impact — of authentic customer reviews, ratings, and customer care across the customer journey.

Customer expectations and preferences across the customer journey are always evolving, forcing brands to continually seek ways to adapt to social- and digital-first modern consumers. 

Although, as examined in a recent survey Emplifi conducted in collaboration with Harris Interactive, there’s a key ingredient that should remain constant at any stage of the journey that can greatly impact consumers’ decision to buy from a brand and stay with them long-term: Authenticity. In the context of the modern customer journey, few items play a more significant role in delivering these authentic experiences than customer reviews and ratings, user-generated content (UGC), or customer care.

This infographic dives into the results of this survey of over 2,000 users in the US and UK who are active on social media and purchase items online, shedding light on the significant role that authentic content and experiences play in the modern customer journey.

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