Emplifi Social Media Calendar 2024

The must-have 2024 social media calendar

Your social media holiday calendar for 2024 is finally here, with help from your friends here at Emplifi.

There's a day for everything now, and I mean everything — from National Cookie Day (December 4) to National Clean Out Your Refridgerator Day (November 15), and everything in between. With 365 days in the year, managing a social media calendar can be challenging when keeping track of all the holidays throughout the year. 

You don't want to miss out on a day to optimize a national holiday to boost social media engagement with your audience. That's why we've put together this list to make social media content planning a piece of cake, and to help you take your social media management efforts to the next level in the year ahead.

December 2023

1. World AIDS Day #WorldAIDSDay

World AIDS Day is held to raise awareness about AIDS prevention and to remember those who have died from the disease.

3. ♿ International Day of Persons with Disabilities #IDPWD

This day is to celebrate persons with disabilities and also to bring awareness to the challenges that they face throughout the world.

4. 🍪 National Cookie Day #NationalCookieDay

Whether you prefer to bake them at home or pick up a few at the local bakery, cookies are worth celebrating.

5. 🌱 World Soil Day #WorldSoilDay

This day celebrates the importance of quality soil and advocates for sustainable soil maintenance worldwide.

6. National Microwave Oven Day #MicrowaveOvenDay

Created partially by accident in 1945, take a day to appreciate the appliance that changed how we use the kitchen.

9. National Salesperson Day (Second Friday in December) #SalespersonDay

Take a moment on this day to say thank you or show appreciation for the people who help you in stores everywhere.

10. International Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay

Human Rights Day promotes the values laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1948.

10. 🐒 International Animal Rights Day #AnimalRightsDay

Created in 1998, Animal Rights Day is about advocating for the ethical and fair treatment of animals because they can't always stand up for themselves.

10. 🏅 Nobel Prize Day #NobelPrize

Every year, the Nobel Prize is awarded on December 10, the day the award's namesake, Alfred Nobel, died in 1896. There are actually five Nobel Prizes, and they're awarded in the categories of Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Peace.

11. 🏔 International Mountain Day #InternationalMountainDay

This day is aimed to raise awareness of mountains' role in sustainable development. It's also a good day to gander at your nearest mountain, or maybe even climb up it.

21. National Crossword Puzzle Day #CrosswordPuzzleDay

The first known crossword puzzle appeared in the New York World on December 21, 1913.

21. ⛄ First Day of Winter #WinterSolstice

The shortest day of the year, the winter solstice is considered the astronomical first day of winter.

23. Festivus #Festivus #AiringOfGrievances

Popularized in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, elements of this non-commercial holiday tradition have been adopted by people across the globe. Celebrating Festivus includes putting up an unadorned metal pole, an airing of grievances, and feats of strength.

26. Kwanzaa #Kwanzaa

This holiday, which runs through January 1, celebrates the African heritage in African-American culture and was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga.

30. 🙅 No Interruptions Day (Last work day of the year) #NoInterruptionsDay

For those unlucky few who end up working long hours at the end of the year to make sure things get done, this day is for you.

31. 🎇 New Year’s Eve #NYE #NewYearsEve

When there's only one day left in the year, there's nothing left to do but celebrate and welcome in the new year.

January 2024

1. 🥳 New Year's Day #NewYearsDay

Kick off the new year with a fresh start to your marketing. Make your first social media post count this New Year's Day.

2. Science Fiction Day #ScienceFictionDay

Science Fiction Day brings together fans of the popular genre. The date was chosen because it is thought to be famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov's birthday. 

4. National Trivia Day #NationalTriviaDay

Fact: National Trivia Day is January 4. If you have cool facts about your industry or brand, now is the time to share them.

5. 🐦 National Bird Day #NationalBirdDay

Birds are beautiful creatures; unfortunately, many species are taken from their natural habitat or even endangered. 

11. Human Trafficking Awareness Day #HumanTraffickingDay

The United States recognizes this day to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery. 

13. National Sticker Day #NationalStickerDay

Celebrate these colorful accessories by making your own stickers or adding some digital ones to your GIPHY library. 

15. 🎩 National Hat Day #NationalHatDay

It's time to get creative with your outfit. Wear or make a special hat, or create a contest for your audience to participate in!

15. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Third Monday of January) #MLKDay 

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an American minister and civil rights activist. This U.S. holiday, celebrated near King's birthday (January 15), faced an uphill battle similar to King's marches for civil rights; despite becoming a federal holiday in 1983, it wasn't observed by all 50 states until 2000.

18. Get to Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday of every quarter) #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

Put a face to the people who love your brand the most. Celebrate by reaching out to your customers, sending customers surveys, and more!

20. 🧀 Cheese Lovers Day #CheeseLoversDay

Dairy lovers unite! Celebrate the science, variety, and history of everything related to cheese!

21. 🤗 National Hugging Day #NationalHuggingDay

National Hugging Day was founded by creative entrepreneur Kevin Zaborney. On this day, feel free to spread the love with a hug or two.

22. Community Manager Appreciation Day (Fourth Monday of January) #CMAD

Community managers have a tough job! On Community Manager Appreciation Day, you can let them know how much their hard work means to you.

23. 🥧 National Pie Day #PieDay

Not to be confused with Pi Day, this is an excuse to indulge in one of America's favorite desserts. Celebrate with a pie eating contest, bake-off, or pie tasting – best served warm!

24. National Compliment Day #NationalComplimentDay

National Compliment Day is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Spread joy by sharing nice things about others!

25. Opposite Day #OppositeDay

You might recognize this one from when you were a kid. Opposite Day is the day when everything means the exact opposite. 

28. Data Privacy Day #PrivacyAware

Data Privacy Day is dedicated to raising awareness about online security best practices and education.

February 2024

2. Groundhog Day #GroundhogDay

Celebrated in the U.S. and Canada, Groundhog Day comes from a superstition that says if a groundhog comes out of his burrow on February 2 and sees his shadow on the ground, it means six more weeks of winter. But if it's overcast and there's no shadow, it means spring will start soon.

The official Groundhog Day celebration is in Punxsutawney, Pa. Thanks to the 1993 Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day is also shorthand for living through the same day over and over.

2. World Wetlands Day #WorldWetlandsDay

World Wetlands Day is meant to promote ecosystem resilience, clean water, water supply, storm protection, carbon storage, health, and well-being. 

4. 🎗 World Cancer Day #WorldCancerDay

World Cancer Day is curated by International Cancer Control (UICC) and is dedicated to raising awareness about cancer, its prevention, detection, and treatment. 

5. National Weatherperson's Day #NationalWeatherpersonsDay

National Weatherperson's Day is used to recognize people working in the fields of meteorology and weather forecasting in the United States. It's celebrated on February 5 to commemorate the birthday of John Jeffries – one of America's first weather observers.

6. Safer Internet Day #SID2021

Safer Internet Day is globally celebrated to promote safer and more responsible use of Internet and digital technologies across the board. It's curated by the network of European Safer Internet Centres.

7. National Girls and Women in Sports Day #NationalGirlsandWomenInSports

This holiday is to debunk any stereotypes about women in sports. Recognized by institutions, teams, and organizations, this is a day to celebrate all the women in sports by supporting them and sharing their stories.

7. 📬 National Send a Card to a Friend Day #SendACardToAFriendDay

The holiday was introduced to raise the popularity of sending physical mail – cards or letters – to your friends and loved ones.

8. National Boy Scouts Day #BoyScoutsDay

The holiday celebrates all the boys who are learning new skills and doing good deeds under the helm of the Boy Scouts of America.

9. 🍕 National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay

Even though the origins of the day are unknown, National Pizza Day celebrates one of the most popular meals across the globe.

10. Chinese New Year #ChineseNewYear

Chinese New Year marks the first day of the year on the Lunar calendar.

11. 🏈 Super Bowl LVIII #SBLVIII #SuperBowlSunday #SuperBowl

The Super Bowl, the NFL's championship game, is held in early February each year. It's the culmination for football's best teams, and also for the brands who have ads during the game.

11. 💡 National Inventors’ Day #InventorsDay

The U.S. recognizes National Inventors' Day to celebrate past and present inventors. It was first introduced in 1983 and marks the birthday of Thomas Edison. 

13. Mardi Gras #MardiGras

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is celebrated annually at the end of the Carnival season. The festival season varies from country to country, and local traditions are in place across the globe.

13. World Radio Day #WorldRadioDay

UNESCO introduced World Radio Day in 2011 to celebrate radio as an influential medium and a platform for democratic discourse.

13. Galentine's Day #GalentinesDay

Started as a joke on the T.V. show Parks and Recreation, Galentine's Day is a day for "ladies celebrating ladies" a day before Valentine's Day.

14. 💕 Valentine's Day #ValentinesDay

St. Valentine's Day originated in ancient Rome and today is widely used to celebrate love and romance.

17. Random Acts of Kindness Day #RandomActsOfKindnessDay

As the name suggests, the holiday encourages random acts of kindness and is curated by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, which strives to "make kindness the norm."

19. Presidents' Day (Third Monday of February) #PresidentsDay

The U.S. introduced Presidents' Day on George Washington's birthday to celebrate two founding fathers of the country – Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Nowadays, the day notes the lives and accomplishments of all U.S. presidents.

20. World Day of Social Justice #SocialJusticeDay

Introduced by the U.N., the World Day of Social Justice promotes the need for social justice and for fighting issues like poverty, exclusion, unemployment, gender inequality, and human rights violations. The international holiday was introduced in 2007 by the General Assembly of the U.N.

20. National Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay

The holiday calls for giving extra attention and pampering to your pets! And don't forget to show a little love to these pet influencers.

21. International Mother Language Day #IMLD

Celebrated since 2002, International Mother Language Day promotes linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The day is curated by the U.N.

March 2024

1. 📚National Read Across America Day #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #DrSeussDay

Celebrated on Dr. Seuss' birthday – or the closest school day when March 2 falls on a weekend – this is a day to encourage children to read and celebrate children's literature.

1. National Employee Appreciation Day (First Friday in March) #EmployeeAppreciationDay

This is an opportunity for bosses and management to go out of their way to say thank you and show their workforce how much they are valued. Make sure to go the extra mile on this day, both in person and by posting about how vital your employees are.

1. 🔌 National Day of Unplugging (First Friday in March) #NationalDayOfUnplugging

A free idea for bosses – combine National Employee Appreciation Day with National Day of Unplugging by giving your employees at least a half-day (or the whole day!) off to get away from their phones and screens to enjoy a carefree day.

3. 🦓 World Wildlife Day #WorldWildlifeDay

It's important to be aware of our impact on the natural world, and World Wildlife Day brings awareness to threatened and endangered species across the globe. It's also a day to encourage followers to go out and experience wildlife in their local area.

4. National Grammar Day #NationalGrammarDay

One tactic to celebrate this day is to make one or two intentional mistakes that change the meaning of your National Grammar Day posts, then engage with the followers who do and don't get it.

7. 🥣 National Cereal Day #NationalCerealDay

Go to the pantry and pull out your favorite box of sugary oats for this day that celebrates a treat enjoyed by people, young and old.

8. 👩 International Women's Day #BeBoldForChange #InternationalWomensDay Celebrate the women in your life and the achievements of women all over the world on International Women's Day. If you're looking for inspiring women in marketing, Emplifi created a list of 20 female marketers to follow.

8. 🔍 National Proofreading Day #NationalProofreadingDay

It's always a good idea to re-read that email before you hit send or walk away from the screen to check an article again with fresh eyes. On National Proofreading Day, practice good habits that help limit communication mistakes.

10. ⏰ Daylight Savings (Date changes annually) #DaylightSavings #DaylightSavingsTime

The timing differs worldwide, but this is the start of daylight savings time in the U.S. Well, most of it, because some areas don't observe daylight savings time, and there are petitions worldwide to stop changing our clocks every year.

10. National Pack Your Lunch Day #NationalPackYourLunchDay

Save some money and dust off your old lunch box for National Pack Your Lunch Day. What do your followers like when they bring their own lunch? Maybe ask them 😉.

14. 💤 National Napping Day (Day after DST) #NationalNappingDay

Let's be honest: who couldn't use an extra bit of shuteye? This day is recognized as the day after daylight savings time returns as a way to get back the hour we just lost, but really, any day is a good day for a nap.

11. 🚽 World Plumbing Day #WorldPlumbingDay

It's one of those things that most of us don't think about but would be lost without, and yet many people worldwide don't have easy access to clean facilities with good plumbing. This day both celebrates these everyday conveniences and brings awareness to those who are still without.

11. 🧰 National Worship of Tools Day #WorshipOfToolsDay

Whatever industry you're in, there's a tool you use that's worthy of worship on this day.

12. National Girl Scout Day #GirlScoutDay

As part of Girl Scout Week, this day celebrates and recognizes the history of the Girl Scout organization in the U.S.

14. World Kidney Day (Second Thursday in March) #WorldKidneyDay

One of the only vital organs that people can donate while alive, this day brings attention to all the important things kidneys do for us, and it's also a chance to celebrate kidney donations.

14. National Potato Chip Day #NationalPotatoChipDay

Often credited to George Crum, the invention of the potato chip might be an apocryphal story. Either way, we can all get behind that satisfying crunch.

14. 𝞹 Pi Day #PiDay #InternationalDayofMathematics

There are 3.14159265359…reasons to celebrate Pi Day.

15. World Consumer Rights Day #WorldConsumerRightsDay

When you purchase something, you have a right to know that it's safe and to be informed about the choices you have. Knowing those rights is what this day is about.

15. 👽 World Contact Day #WorldContactDay

Started in 1953 by the International Flying Saucer Bureau, this is a day to look up and try to make a connection with life on other planets.

15. 🔴👃 Red Nose Day (Date changes annually) #RedNoseDay

Red Nose Day is an initiative to end child hunger and poverty, as well as boost safety and education. Read more about it on the Red Nose Day Foundation's website

15. 😴 World Sleep Day (Date changes annually) #WorldSleepDay

When you sleep better, life is better. It's a simple truth, and this day, celebrated on the Friday before the northern hemisphere spring equinox, brings attention to healthy sleeping habits.

16. National Freedom of Information Day #FreedomOfInformationDay

Observed during Sunshine Week – so named for journalists in Florida, the Sunshine State, trying to prevent legislators from making public records more difficult to request – this is a day for the public and journalists to discuss their rights to public records. Sunshine Week is in March to coincide with the birthday of President James Madison, an advocate for open government records.

17. 🍀 St. Patrick's Day #StPatricksDay

Though often celebrated now by tipping back a green beer, St. Patrick's Day is on March 17 to remember the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, and the tradition of wearing green on this day dates back a few centuries, even though Patrick was originally associated with the color blue.

18. 😬 National Awkward Moments Day #NationalAwkwardMomentsDay

Remember when you accidentally hit reply-all to that message, or you said something about your boss (and it turned out she was right behind you)? At least you're not alone, so share awkward stories and take solace in the fact that you're not alone.

19. 🦋 First Day of Spring (Date changes annually) #FirstDayofSpring #SpringBegins 

The season changing from winter to spring is always an exciting time as it often brings nicer weather, while plants and animals come to life. There's also the idea of spring cleaning, which is an opportunity to start anew and is celebrated in some parts of the world as the International Day of Nowruz, which translates to "new day."

19. 🤣 National Let's Laugh Day #NationalLetsLaughDay

Laughter is good for the soul, so take a moment on this day (and ideally every day) to express some joy through laughter.

20. 😀 International Day of Happiness #InternationalDayofHappiness #DayofHappiness

The idea behind this day is that human progress should include increasing happiness and well-being, with the U.N. in 2011 adopting a resolution that stated happiness is a fundamental human goal.

20. World Storytelling Day #WorldStorytellingDay

As long as people have been on Earth, we have been telling stories to each other. This day recognizes and celebrates the great history of oral storytelling.

20. 🦷 World Oral Health Day #WorldOralHealthDay

Oral diseases affect around four billion people around the globe, according to the FDI World Dental Federation. This day is to spread awareness about that fact and the preventable measures people can take to keep their teeth and mouths in good health.

21. International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination #RacialDiscriminationDay

Held annually on the anniversary of police murdering peaceful protestors in South Africa, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is recognized by the United Nations as an effort to help abolish racial laws and practices around the world.

21. World Poetry Day #WorldPoetryDay

Roses are red, violets are blue, I just wrote a (bad) poem, and so can you.

22. 🚰 World Water Day #WorldWaterDay

Life wouldn't be possible without water, so take this day to appreciate all that it does for you and also see how you can help bring access to clean water to those who don't have it.

22. 🐶 National Puppy Day #NationalPuppyDay

Puppies can bring so much joy with their unconditional love, and appreciating them is what this day is all about. Check out our list of top pet influencers for some content inspiration.

26. American Diabetes Association Alert Day (Fourth Tuesday in March) #AmericanDiabetesAssociationAlertDay

Diabetes affects over 10% of Americans, and this day is meant to bring attention to the preventative measures people can take to avoid joining that group.

26. 💜 Purple Day #PurpleDay

Epilepsy Awareness Day, also known as Purple Day, is meant to bring attention to the neurological condition that affects around 50 million people worldwide.

30. 🌏 Earth Hour Day (Last Saturday in March) #EarthHour

Organized by the World Wildlife Fund, on Earth Hour Day, people are encouraged to turn off all non-essential electronics and lights in their homes from 8:30pm to 9:30pm as a way to show their commitment to helping the planet. You can take this even further with things like the #DanceForThePlanet challenge on TikTok.

30. 🩺 Doctor's Day #NationalDoctorsDay

Use this day to show appreciation for the professionals who help bring us into the world and keep us alive while we're here.

31. World Backup Day #WorldBackupDay

Anyone who has lost an important file because a computer crashed doesn't need to be sold on the importance of World Backup Day. Make sure your content and data are saved!

31. Transgender Day of Visibility #TDOV

This day is meant for trans people around the world to celebrate who they are and to offer support to those who haven't been able to come out yet.

April 2024

1. April Fools' Day #AprilFools #AprilFoolsDay

Also called All Fool's Day, it's the classic day to prank your friends and your annoying siblings. During the 1700s, English pranksters began to popularize this tradition by playing practical jokes on each other.

2. World Autism Awareness Day #WAAD

Designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, this day aims to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with autism. Normally, autism-friendly events and educational activities occur all month. 

3. National Walking Day (First Wednesday in April) #NationalWalkingDay

People celebrate this day to encourage family, friends, and themselves to go out, stretch their legs, and walk. The American Heart Association sponsors this day to remind people about the health benefits of walking.  

3. 🌈 Find a Rainbow Day #FindARainbowDay

It's not a day to chase rainbows, but a special day to appreciate the magic and beauty of it. People use this day to search for hope and promise. In 2020, when millions were quarantined due to COVID-19, people placed rainbow drawings on their windows. 

7. World Health Day #LetsTalk

Founded by the World Health Organization (WHO), this day celebrates the hard work of doctors, nurses, midwives, and healthcare workers worldwide. 

10. National Siblings Day #NationalSiblingsDay

Whether you love them or hate them, it's time to show your appreciation for your siblings by spending time together or posting embarrassing photos of each other on social. 

10. Encourage a Young Writer Day #EncourageAYoungWriterDay

It's the perfect day for authors and professional writers to share their experiences, tips, and advice to inspire young writers. 

11. National Pet Day #NationalPetDay

Show more love to your fur babies on this special day. Founded by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige in 2006, Colleen created this day not only to celebrate the joy that pets bring but to raise awareness of many animals in shelters waiting for new forever homes. Check out our list of top pet influencers to get some content inspiration.

15. National Tax Day #TaxDay

Tax Day sparks more headaches than joy for Americans. Americans have to inform the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of all income that they received in the previous fiscal year. 

16. National Stress Awareness Day #StressAwarenessDay

There's no surprise that this holiday takes place the following workday after National Tax Day. Americans use this holiday to raise awareness about the health effects caused by stress and to promote self-care methods. 

16. National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day #PJDay

It's a fun, quirky day to roll out of bed and go straight to work. This holiday always falls on the weekday after Tax Day because having a casual day at work is the perfect way to recover.

17. Haiku Poetry Day #HaikuPoetryDay

Haiku poetry is a form of Japanese poetry that is non-rhyming and usually consists of 3 lines with a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. It's a great time to check #HaikuPoetryDay on social to get inspired by Haiku poems from around the world. 

18. ✋ National High-Five Day #NH5D

Spread the love and good vibes to your friends, family, teammates, and coworkers with a high-five or a virtual high-five. 

18. National Columnists' Day #NationalColumnistDay

A day to honor all newspaper columnists, and it's celebrated by acknowledging people who do the research and write the columns. 

18. Get to Know Your Customers Day (Every third Thursday of January, April, July, and October) #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

It happens annually on the third Thursday of each quarter, and it's all about really getting to know your customers. Businesses connect more with their customers and clients face-to-face, over the phone, or online. 

20. National Look-Alike Day #NationalLookAlikeDay

Chances are that you probably look like someone else from around the world, whether it's someone you know, a celebrity, or a complete stranger. Most people celebrate this day by dressing up as a celebrity that they look similar to.

22. 🌍 Earth Day #EarthDay

Started in 1970, this day encourages education about current environmental issues globally. 

23. 🧺 National Picnic Day #NationalPicnicDay

Pack your picnic basket and blanket for the park because it's time to enjoy the sunshine. Eating outside has its charm, whether it's spending time with family or adding some romantic vibes to your date. 

23. 📚 World Book Day #WorldBookDay

Created by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, this holiday is commemorated in over 100 countries worldwide. 

24. National Administrative Professionals Day #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay

Celebrated on the Wednesday of the last whole week of April, this is a unique holiday to show your appreciation for administrative professionals. 

24. 👖 Denim Day (Last Wednesday in April) #DenimDay

Denim Day is rooted in a protest moment. In 1998, the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore very tight jeans. People around the world wear jeans on this day as an international symbol to protest against sexual assault. 

25. ☎️ National Telephone Day #NationalTelephoneDay

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell introduced the first version of the telephone. A century later, there are several billion mobile phones around the world. 

25. World Malaria Day #EndMalariaForGood

This day brings international awareness about one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Bringing more awareness will allow for more funding for malaria prevention and control.  

25. National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (Fourth Thursday in April) #TakeOurChildrenToWorkDay

More than just a free day from school, this is a chance for children to see their parents' work, explore, and get inspired by different roles in the workforce. 

26. 🌲🌳 Arbor Day #ArborDay

A special day to show love and appreciation for trees. It's an annual reminder to either plant trees in your own yard or get involved with environmental organizations that help plant trees. 

29. International Dance Day #InternationalDanceDay

If dancing is your passion, this is your day. Dance teams and organizations worldwide use this day to raise awareness about the value of the performing arts to governments, politicians, and institutions.  

30. National Honesty Day #NationalHonestyDay

Honesty Day is a unique day to encourage truthfulness. It's also to challenge ourselves to be truthful and reflect on our honesty as a whole. 

30. 🐕 National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day #AdoptAShelterPetDay

If you want to provide a forever home for a new pet, this is the day to visit the local animal shelter and show your support. Several of the top pet influencers on our list were adopted from shelters.

30. 🎷 International Jazz Day #JazzDay

Jazz culture has roots in human dignity, democracy, and civil rights. UNESCO believes that the power of jazz can be used for education and to inspire people to come together.

May 2024

1. May Day #MayDay

May Day is an ancient festival celebrated in many European cultures that marks the beginning of spring. The festival traditions vary from country to country, but universally involve singing, dancing, and feasting. Get wild, everyone! 

1.  👩‍💻 International Workers Day #IntWorkersDay

Roll up your sleeves! International Workers Day, also referred to in some places as Labor Day, is a celebration held in many countries worldwide to honor and celebrate laborers and the working classes. The U.S. celebrates Labor Day in September.

2. ⌨️ World Password Day #WorldPasswordDay

World Password Day is a key day in the cyber world that promotes better habits of password protection. How strong are your passwords?

3. 🗞 World Press Freedom Day #PressFreedom

Often referred to as World Press Day, this day celebrates the freedom of the press. The United Nations Assembly declared it to remind governments to uphold the right to freedom of expression. 

3. 🛰 National Space Day (First Friday in May) #SpaceDay

Not to be mistaken with the International Day of Human Space Flight, Space Day is celebrated in North America to mark the most extraordinary of humankind's achievements – its steps towards becoming a space-venturing species. The day is celebrated to promote math, science, technology, and engineering education in young people overall. 

4. 💫 Star Wars Day #StarWarsDay #Maythe4thBeWithYou

"May the Force be with you" is the pun that has spurred this celebration of George Lucas's Star Wars franchise. Now you know what you're (re)watching tonight.    

4. 👩‍🚒 International Firefighters Day #InternationalFirefightersDay

May 4th marks the day the world chose to commemorate the memory of firefighters. The decision was made after the tragic Australian bushfires that claimed the lives of five firefighters in 1999. 

5. Cinco de Mayo #CincoDeMayo

This colorful celebration commemorates the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. It is also known for copious amounts of fun, tacos, and tequila.

7. 👩‍🏫 National Teacher Appreciation Day (First Tuesday in May) #TeacherAppreciationDay

National Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teacher Day, encourages everyone to celebrate the hard work of teachers and to thank them for their efforts. Thank yours!

7. World Asthma Day (First Tuesday in May) #WorldAsthmaDay

This day was institutionalized to bring attention to asthma illnesses and care around the world.

8. National Receptionist Day (Second Wednesday in May) #NationalReceptionistDay

National Receptionist Day takes place to celebrate the receptionists across our workplaces – the people who we all know actually make our offices run.

9. 🇪🇺 Europe Day #EuropeDay

Europe Day was introduced in 1964 by the European Council to celebrate peace and unity across the European Union. Celebrate it! And keep it together.  

12. 👩‍👧‍👦 Mother's Day (Second Sunday in May) #MothersDay

The day that honors all mothers and motherhood takes place at slightly different times around the world, mostly circling the month of May. The day was established by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and made official in the U.S. in 1914. And nope, you're not going to forget it this year.

12. 🩺 International Nurses Day #NursesDay

This day celebrates the immense gratitude we have for the contributions that nurses make to the world. Thank you!  

12. National Limerick Day #NationalLimerickDay

National Limerick Day celebrates the artist, illustrator, author, and poet Edward Lear (May 12, 1812 – January 29, 1888), who was known for short, five-line poems that often used made-up words or limericks. Will you try to write one? 

15. 👨‍👩‍👦 International Day of Families #FamilyDay

The day is held to remind us of the importance of families in our lives. It was internationally established in 1993 by the U.N. General Assembly. 

16. 🌳 Love a Tree Day #LoveATreeDay

This day encourages us to care for and plant trees to protect our environment from carbon emissions. Go plant one! 

17. 🚴‍♀️ National Bike to Work Day (Third Friday in May) #BTWD

The day when everyone internationally is encouraged to bike to work. It was established to promote the bicycle as an alternative way to communicate to work and, that way, reduce both city congestion and pollution.  

17. International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia #IDAHOT

This important day turns our attention to LGBTQ+ rights violations and aims to raise awareness in LGBTQ+ work worldwide.

17. 🦁 Endangered Species Day (Third Friday in May) #EndangeredSpeciesDay

This day marks the world's conservation efforts to protect our most endangered species and raise our appreciation and responsibility for our wildlife. 

21. 🗒 National Memo Day #NationalMemoDay

Set up a memo to recall this day when it comes around. How did it come about? In 1989, KMJI Majic Radio 100 FM, Denver, Colorado, coined this day to reflect on the massive amount of memos piling up in our offices. Luckily, that's now all digital. 

24. 🗺 National Scavenger Hunt Day #NationalScavengerHuntDay

Love scavenger hunts? This is the day you get to go on one with the entire nation! The day marks our commitment to adventure, mystery, and, most importantly, fun.

27. Memorial Day (Last Monday in May) #MemorialDay #MDW

Memorial Day is a federal U.S. holiday commemorating those who died in the military service for their country.

28. 🍔 National Hamburger Day #NationalHamburgerDay

Feeling hungry? Well, you know what you're eating today. This day celebrates our love for the burger, and it hints that it's time for the outdoor grilling season. 

29. 📎 National Paperclip Day #PaperclipDay

It's a simple item, but it's so unbelievably useful. How should you mark it? Perhaps this could be the time to organize your paperwork. 

31. 🥵 Heat Awareness Day (Last Friday in May) #NoFryDay

It's important to note this day before the hot summer months set in. It's a day for awareness and education on how heat can cause severe health issues. Stay cool, everyone!

31. 🚭 World No Tobacco Day #NoTobacco

The World Health Organization leads this day to bring attention to the health issues tobacco causes, exposing industry practices and detailing what we can do to shift the needle towards progress. 

June 2024

1. 👪 Global Day of Parents #GlobalDayOfParents

Created by the United Nations, June 1 is a day to show appreciation for all parents worldwide.

1. 👦👧 International Children’s Day #ChildrensDay

International Children's Day dates back to 1925, when it was created at the first World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children. While the aims are the same, this is different from World Children's Day on November 20.

2. National Cancer Survivors Day (First Sunday in June) #NCSD

In celebration and support, National Cancer Survivors Day is a yearly event held by many communities.   

3. National Leave the Office Early Day #LeaveTheOfficeEarlyDay

Loved among hard workers for obvious reasons, Leave The Office Early Day is an incentive for many who work more than 40 hours per week.  

5. 🌏 World Environment Day #WorldEnvironmentDay

Another day created by the United Nations, every June 5 celebrates World Environment Day. This day is about raising awareness and action for the global protection of the environment.  

6. 🏫 National Higher Education Day #HigherEducationDay

To spread awareness, this day aims to promote and educate people about the higher education path and the future they can expect from successful study. 

7. 🍩 National Doughnut Day #NationalDoughnutDay

National Doughnut Day has a link going back to 1938 when it was created by the Salvation Army to honor those who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. You may even find free doughnuts (selected stores only!) across the U.S. and other participating countries. 

8. World Oceans Day #WorldOceansDay

This day is a chance to celebrate the beauty of our oceans and the 'lungs of our planet' – so-called because they produce most of the planet's oxygen. It was initially proposed in 1992 by Canada's International Centre for Ocean Development, and is an excellent chance to focus on progressive environmental issues. 

8. National Best Friends Day #BestFriendsDay

True friends never need a particular reason to show their appreciation for each other, but Best Friends Day is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge genuine lifelong friendships. It was created in 1935 by the U.S. Congress to pay tribute to close friends and has been celebrated ever since. 

14. 🩸 World Blood Donor Day #GiveBlood

This day helps to raise awareness for the two most important sides of the blood donor process: the need for safe blood and a thank you to blood donors for their life-saving gifts. 

14. National Flag Day #FlagDay

This celebration dates back to 1777, when the U.S. approved the design for its first national flag. Although it's not a federal holiday, Pennsylvania celebrates it as a state holiday. 

16. Father's Day (Third Sunday in June) #FathersDay

This day to celebrate the contribution of fathers across the world was first started in the U.S. in the early 20th century. This complement to Mother's Day became official in 1972, and has been celebrated yearly since. 

20. World Refugee Day #WithRefugees

The United Nations designated this international day to raise awareness about refugees from around the world. It celebrates not only the support they may require, but also the strength and courage of the communities affected by global issues. 

20. 🌞 First Day of Summer #FirstDayOfSummer

The first day of summer occurs when the sun reaches the highest and northernmost point in the sky. This event marks the start of summer in the northern half of the globe, when we see the longest period of sunlight and the shortest night of the year. 

21. National Selfie Day #NationalSelfieDay

Time to get creative! Thanks to the global popularity of selfies, National Selfie Day was created to celebrate the medium and for people to take and share their favorite snaps. 

21. 🎻 World Music Day #WorldMusicDay

This day encourages both amateur and professional musicians alike to showcase their work. Also called Fête de la Musique, the yearly celebration started in 1982 and was created by the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lang.  

21. International Yoga Day #InternationalYogaDay

Limber up and celebrate International Yoga Day! The United Nations General Assembly chose June 21 for the occasion since it has one of the longest days of sun compared to other days of the year.

21. 🐶 National Take Your Dog to Work Day (Friday after Father's Day) #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

This day honors our friends and encourages us to take our dogs ‌to work (where possible). The day to celebrate our companions began in 1999 and is a great way to support and build new bridges with fellow workers.

27. 😎 National Sunglasses Day #NationalSunglassesDay

What's your style? National Sunglasses Day is becoming ever more popular each year as we understand more about the dangers of UV rays. It not only celebrates the accessory as a fashion statement, but as an essential tool for wellbeing. 

27. National Handshake Day (Last Thursday in June) #HandshakeDay

Please…no wet fish! National Handshake Day honors the classic greeting and the many different styles it takes. It has been acknowledged since 2005 when Miryam Roddy created it on behalf of BRODY Professional Development.

30. Social Media Day #SMDay

It's hard to escape the fact that every day of the year is social media day, but why not make a special effort on this day to showcase your social media presence? Groups, communities, and businesses are encouraged to invite new participation and to empower positive interaction.

July 2024

1. 📫 National Postal Worker Day #NationalPostalWorkerDay

Thank the numerous men and women who work consistently and diligently to deliver our mail.

1. International Joke Day #InternationalJokeDay

This day was started in 1994 by author and graphic artist Wayne Reinagel to promote his joke books.

2. 🛸 World UFO Day #WorldUFODay

Gather together and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects. While some celebrate it on June 24, July 2 commemorates the day of the supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

4. 🎆 Independence Day #July4th

Independence Day (colloquially the Fourth of July) is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

7. Hijri - Islamic New Year #hijri

The Islamic New Year, also called the Hijri New Year, is the day that marks the beginning of a new lunar Hijri year, and is the day on which the year count is incremented.

7. 🍫 World Chocolate Day #WorldChocolateDay

The observance of World Chocolate Day dates back to 2009, and some suggest July 7, in particular, celebrates the introduction of chocolate to Europe in 1550. We don't need to tell you what to do to celebrate this day, do we?

11. National Cheer Up the Lonely Day #CheerUpTheLonelyDay

Each year on July 11, people across the United States make a special effort to give someone a lift on National Cheer Up the Lonely Day. If you know someone who is lonely or going through a difficult time, be a bright spot in their life with a bit of extra thoughtfulness today.

12. Malala Day #MalalaDay

On July 12, 2013, Malala Yousafzai, a 16-year-old Pakistani girl engaged in the promotion of women's education, delivered an impassioned speech at the United Nations headquarters on the need for gender equality in education. The address saw several rounds of standing ovations for the teenager, and the day, July 12 (also her birthday), was soon declared by the U.N. as Malala Day in honor of the young activist.

14. Bastille Day #BastilleDay

Primarily a holiday in France to commemorate the 1789 storming of the Bastille in Paris, Bastille Day is also celebrated in various U.S. cities – such as New Orleans – and Canada.

15. Give Something Away Day #GiveSomethingAwayDay

Give Something Away Day is a day to give something to someone. It can be a basic necessity like shoes or clothing, or something simple like flowers or a balloon. Give Something Away Day is a day to pay it forward and do something nice for someone.

17. 😃 World Emoji Day #WorldEmojiDay

World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday. The purpose of World Emoji Day is to promote the use of emojis and spread the enjoyment that they bring to all of those around us.

18. Nelson Mandela International Day #MandelaDay

An annual international day in honor of Nelson Mandela, celebrated each year on Mandela's birthday. The day was officially declared by the United Nations in November 2009, with the first UN Mandela Day held on July 18, 2010.

18. Get to Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday of every quarter) #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

Observed annually each quarter, it's a way for businesses of all sizes to get to know their customers by name, understand their shopping habits, and make them feel important.

20. ♛ International Chess Day #InternationalChessDay

Make the chess analogy of your choice on this day that honors one of the world's great games.

21. 🍦 National Ice Cream Day (Third Sunday in July) #IceCreamDay

In 1984, the U.S. declared July as National Ice Cream Month and assigned this day to go with it. Fun fact: The oldest ice cream recipe in the U.S. is believed to have come from Thomas Jefferson.

26. Start of 2024 Summer Olympics #Paris2024 #2024Olympics

The Games of the XXXIII Olympiad start today! Join the global conversation and show your support for your home nation over the next two weeks as the world comes together for the coveted gold, silver, and bronze medals.

26. Talk In an Elevator Day (Last Friday in July) #TalkInAnElevatorDay

National Talk In an Elevator Day encourages us to strike up a conversation with someone in an elevator. While most of us use this time to check our smart devices, this day points us in another direction.

28. World Hepatitis Day #WorldHepatitisDay

This day raises global awareness for and encourages prevention, testing, and treatment for the group of infectious diseases that affects more than 300 million people.

30. World Day Against Trafficking in Persons #EndHumanTrafficking

Most countries have national human trafficking laws, but still, people continue to be trafficked. To fight this heinous crime, in 2013, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 30 as the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

30. International Day of Friendship #DayOfFriendship

The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the U.N. General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures, and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

August 2024

1. National Respect for Parents Day #RespectForParentsDay

Parents play an important role in our lives. Meet or call your parents on August 1 and celebrate this day with them.

2. National Coloring Book Day #NationalColoringBookDay

Create a mini coloring book for your brand, or relive your childhood and let your creativity emerge by hosting a coloring party.

2. 🍺 International Beer Day (First Friday in August) #InternationalBeerDay

Created in 2007, this is a day to sit back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy your favorite version of this adult beverage.

8. 🐱 International Cat Day #InternationalCatDay

Celebrate the existence of our beloved furry feline friends on International Cat Day.

9. 📚 National Book Lovers Day #NationalBookLoversDay

National Book Lovers Day connects bibliophiles and bookworms all over to celebrate reading and literature. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your favorite book.

10. National Lazy Day #LazyDay

Do you like relaxing but feel guilty about being a slacker or layabout? Celebrate it without stress during National Lazy Day.

10. 🦁 World Lion Day #WorldLionDay

This is a day to bring awareness to the dwindling numbers of lions and to celebrate them while trying to keep them off the endangered species list.

11. National Sons and Daughters Day #SonsAndDaughtersDay

A day to spend with your child(ren) – at work, home, or outside. Show them your love and appreciation, and make National Sons and Daughters Day unforgettable for all of you. 

12. International Youth Day #YouthDay

IYD is an awareness day designated by the United Nations to remind us to enable youth to contribute to the fullest of their great potential. Celebrate young people's actions, initiatives, voices, and engagement during International Youth Day. 

12. 🐘 World Elephant Day #WorldElephantDay

The largest land mammals on Earth, elephants face many threats in their ecosystems. World Elephant Day is a moment to spread awareness and share your favorite elephant story, movie, photo, or video to remind the world of the importance of the preservation and protection of elephants.

13. International Left-Handers Day #LeftHandersDay

International Left-Handers Day is raising awareness of the needs of left-handers and celebrates the uniqueness and differences of left-handers in a right-handed world. 

15. National Relaxation Day #NationalRelaxationDay

It is important to take a break in today's fast-paced world. Unwind and loosen up to become an ambassador of National Relaxation Day. 

16. National Tell a Joke Day #NationalTellAJokeDay

Time to try out some new material (or one of your old favorites). Smile and laugh the entire day so you are happy, healthy, and in a good mood.

19. 📷 World Photography Day #WorldPhotoDay

Photos, pictures, and images are used by billions of people all around the world. On World Photography Day, all photophiles celebrate their passion by revealing the soul of their photos taken. 

19. World Humanitarian Day #WorldHumanitarianDay

World Humanitarian Day commemorates humanitarian personnel injured or killed during their work for humanitarian causes. It honors all health and aid workers who support people in need while risking their own lives in war or pandemic zones. 

20. 🍋 National Lemonade Day #NationalLemonadeDay

National Lemonade Day helps children to run their own business for a day – a lemonade stand. Having fun selling lemonade supports their soft skills development by communicating with their customers and improves their financial literacy.

21. World Entrepreneurs Day #EntrepreneursDay

World Entrepreneurs Day celebrates those who've built an empire from scratch. 

26. Women's Equality Day #WomensEqualityDay

Women's Equality Day commemorates the historical moment in 1920 when a proclamation granting American women the constitutional right to vote was signed. It reminds us of the importance of providing equal opportunities in education and employment. Pay a tribute to all females who have made a difference. 

26. International Dog Day #InternationalDogDay

International Dog Day celebrates all dog breeds and supports dog adoption. It reminds us of a special bond between people and canines. Dogs bring joy to our daily lives, so enjoy this day with your furry creatures or check out the top pet influencers.

September 2024

2. Labor Day (First Monday in September) #LaborDay

Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States that honors the importance of laborers in the history and development of the country.

2. V-J Day #VJDay

Victory over Japan Day commemorates what was effectively the end of World War II in 1945.

4. National Wildlife Day #NationalWildlifeDay

National Wildlife Day encourages awareness of preservation and conservation efforts for the many endangered species that we share our planet with. This day should be used to not only celebrate the many beautiful animals on our planet, but also to generate awareness and action towards ensuring these animals have a safe place to live and call home going into the future.

4. World Sexual Health Day #SexualHealthDay

Managed by the World Association for Sexual Health, this day celebrates human sexuality as part of a healthy lifestyle and promotes sexual rights throughout the world.

5. International Day of Charity #CharityDay

The International Day of Charity recognizes the fundamental and crucial role that charity and donation have played historically in aiding and alleviating humanitarian crises. 

6. 📖 National Read a Book Day #ReadABookDay

As straightforward as it sounds, #ReadABookDay encourages people of all ages to pick up a book and spend some quality time reading. As many of us live busy lives and find less time for reading as we grow older, this day helps remind us of the importance and many benefits of reading for recreation rather than work. 

7. 🧔 World Beard Day (First Saturday in September) #WorldBeardDay

Facial hair aficionados have been celebrating this day since 2010.

8. 👵👴 National Grandparents Day (First Sunday after Labor Day) #NationalGrandparentsDay

Recognized in various countries worldwide, National Grandparents Day celebrates the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren.

8. International Literacy Day #LiteracyDay

UNESCO deemed September 8 International Literacy Day to bring awareness to the importance of literacy within communities, and the need for sustained initiatives to help groups and countries that suffer from low literacy rates. 

10. World Suicide Prevention Day #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

The International Association for Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organization lead the observance of this day that highlights statistics to bring awareness and works to help prevent suicides worldwide.

11. National Day of Service and Remembrance #911Day

Patriot Day, or the National Day of Service and Remembrance, occurs on September 11 every year in honor and remembrance of the 2,977 people killed in the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

12. National Day of Encouragement #DayOfEncouragement

This day is dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and uplifting the people around us – whether they are friends, family, or complete strangers. 

12. 🎮 National Video Games Day #NationalVideoGamesDay

National Video Games Day celebrates the medium of video games as a whole, and the joy they bring to people young and old.

13. 🎗️ Stand Up to Cancer Day (Second Friday in September) #KissCancerGoodbye #SU2C

Started in 2008, this day is part of the foundation Stand Up to Cancer's overall movement to fund innovative cancer treatments to help patients and their families.

18. ⚖ International Equal Pay Day #EqualPayDay

People of equal skill and equal positions should make the same amount regardless of their gender, but countless studies reveal that men still make more than women for the same jobs. International Equal Pay Day brings attention to the movements trying to fix that.

18. National Day of Civic Hacking #HackForChange

A nationwide day of action created by the Code for America Brigades, encouraging developers and computer scientists to use their skills to solve challenges and problems that tackle critical global issues. 

19. 🏴‍☠️ Talk Like a Pirate Day #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Talk Like a Pirate Day is a not-so-serious holiday that encourages all of us to talk like a pirate in celebration of the (heavily romanticized version) of the Golden Age of Piracy. 

21. 🕊 International Day of Peace #PeaceDay

Created by the United Nations, this day is dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace around the world, with a 24-hour commitment to nonviolence observed by different governments. 

22. Car-Free Day #CarFreeDay

A global event that encourages the use of more eco-friendly methods of transportation for a day, and seeks to raise awareness for issues related to climate change, carbon emissions, and energy efficiency.

22. Hobbit Day #HobbitDay

A day celebrating J.R.R. Tolkien, the Lord of the Rings universe, and its fandom, Hobbit Day takes place on September 22 in reference to the birthdays of the hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

22. 🍃 First Day of Fall #FirstDayOfFall

The official first day of the Autumn season – leaf aficionados rejoice!

25. National Women's Health and Fitness Day (Last Wednesday in September) #WomensHealthFitnessDay

This is a day dedicated to raising awareness of women's health and promoting the importance of physical exercise.

26. European Day of Languages #EDL

Created by the Council of Europe's 47 member states, the European Day of Languages takes place on September 26 and seeks to encourage and promote linguistic diversity among the European population.

27. 🏖 World Tourism Day #WorldTourismDay

Created by the United Nations in 1980, this day serves to raise awareness and promote the importance of global tourism in our societies. 

28. World Rabies Day #WorldRabiesDay

A global health observance started in 2007 to raise awareness about rabies and international efforts to combat the disease.  

28. National Good Neighbor Day #GoodNeighborDay

A self-explanatory observance promoting the importance of good neighborly relations and encouraging those with neighbors to reach out with gestures of kindness or appreciation.

30. Orange Shirt Day #OrangeShirtDay 

Orange Shirt Day is a day to reflect and promote awareness about the residential school system still impacting the Indigenous communities in the United States and Canada.

30. International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay

An international celebration of podcasts, their impact, and the communities and creators that make up the bustling industry.

October 2024

1. 👴 International Day of Older Persons #UNDOP

International Day of Older Persons was founded in 1991. This day marks the celebration of older people and how our society benefits from their contributions. In addition, this day is also used to raise awareness about abuse or other issues that impact this population. 

1. ☕ International Coffee Day #InternationalCoffeeDay

On October 1, coffee lovers worldwide celebrate one of the most coveted beverages of all time. On International Coffee Day, events, barista tips, and more are shared across the globe.

1. 🥬🥕 World Vegetarian Day #WorldVegetarianDay

Vegetarianism offers many health and environmental benefits. It's exactly why the American Vegetarian society created World Vegetarian Day so that the "life-enhancing possibilities" of this lifestyle could be recognized.

2. International Day of Nonviolence #InternationalDayOfNonviolence

Mahatma Gandhi was known for his tolerance and peaceful demeanor. To recognize his teachings and global impact, the International Day of Nonviolence was founded and is celebrated on Gandhi's birthday. 

3. 💻 National Techies Day #TechiesDay

Technology is the way of the future. That's why, on National Techies Day, students are encouraged to pursue a career in this field. 

4. 😁 World Smile Day (First Friday in October) #WorldSmileDay

World Smile Day is exactly as it sounds: a day to promote cheer. This can be done through compliments, random acts of kindness, and more! Every month could benefit from including more holidays like this. 

4. 🐅 World Animal Day #WorldAnimalDay

Animals have a tremendous impact on our human lives. On World Animal Day, activists and animal lovers fight to improve welfare standards. To support this cause, you can donate or even volunteer at NGOs dedicated to improving animal quality of life.  

4. 🌮 National Taco Day #NationalTacoDay #TacoDay

Hope you're hungry. National Taco Day promotes one thing – eating more tacos. Mexican food chains have been known to get in on the fun by giving away free tacos on October 4.

5. World Teachers Day #WorldTeachersDay

World Teacher's Day was established by UNESCO. The day marks a historical event where the UNESCO recommendations concerning the status of higher-education teaching personnel were accepted. 

7. 🌏 World Habitat Day (First Monday in October) #WorldHabitatDay

World Habitat Day was established by the United Nations. This day raises awareness about city and town livability, in addition to advocating that everyone has the basic right to have access to shelter.

10. World Homeless Day #WorldHomelessDay

World Homeless Day is an annual event that sheds light on the difficulties unhoused persons face, also referred to as homeless people. This is a perfect opportunity to learn how you can help people in need through volunteering, donating, and more. 

10. World Mental Health Day #WorldMentalHeathDay

World Mental Health Day sheds light on mental health and wellbeing. As a company, you can celebrate by providing your employees a day off, access to counseling, or subscriptions to apps like Headspace.

10. World Sight Day (Second Thursday in October) #WorldSightDay

To all the ophthalmologists out there, World Sight Day is for you. On October 10, eye health and sight are celebrated. 

11. 👧 International Day of the Girl Child #DayOfTheGirl

Established by the WHO, the International Day of the Girl recognizes universal struggles along with the power and potential that girls harness. 

14. 🍰 National Dessert Day #DessertDay

You only need your taste buds to celebrate National Dessert Day. Be sure to pack some sweet snacks or treat family and friends to something sweet. 

15. Global Handwashing Day #GlobalHandwashingDay

Global Handwashing Day is dedicated to spreading information about the benefits of handwashing. Proper hand washing can prevent sickness and the spread of germs so that we can live happier and healthier lives. 

16. National Boss's Day #BossesDay

Everyone has a boss; whether you love 'em or not is a different story. If you want to show your boss some appreciation, today's the day to do it. 

16. 🍚 World Food Day #FoodDay

No one should go hungry any day. On World Food Day, countries and people around the world reflect on how they can provide essential resources like food to people so no one will go hungry.

17. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty #EndPoverty

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty promotes a standard of financial well-being that every human should be entitled to. 

21. 🐍 National Reptile Awareness Day #ReptileAwarenessDay

National Reptile Awareness Day is not only intended to recognize the various species throughout the world. It's also a day of education and awareness so people can better conserve and protect reptiles in a world we share together. 

24. 🇺🇳 United Nations Day #UNDay

On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was founded. This day marks that historical milestone. 

30. National Publicist Day #NationalPublicistDay

There's no such thing as bad P.R., right? On National Publicist Day, we give credit where it's due and thank the people running the show behind the scenes. This day was picked because, on October 30, 1906, the New York Times printed the first-ever public release.

30. ✅ National Checklist Day #ChecklistDay

Get organized. On National Checklist Day, celebrate by listing and crossing out your never-ending to-do list. 

31. 🎃 Halloween #Halloween

Halloween is celebrated across the globe in many different ways. It happens on the Eve of the Christian holiday, All Hallow's Eve. In North America, the holiday is recognized by dressing up and going door-to-door to trick or treat for candy.

November 2023

1. 🍎 World Vegan Day #WorldVeganDay

World Vegan Day is annually celebrated by vegans to shed light on the plant-based lifestyle and its positive impact on the planet.

1. 📖 National Author’s Day #NationalAuthorsDay

National Author's Day is used to celebrate American authors and the books they've written.

3. ⏰ Daylight Saving Time Ends #DaylightSavings #DaylightSavingsTime

The timing differs around the world, but this is the end of daylight savings time in the U.S. Well, most of it, because some areas don't observe daylight savings time, and there are petitions around the world to stop changing our clocks every year.

3. 🥪 National Sandwich Day #NationalSandwichDay

National Sandwich Day recognizes one of the most famous and loved American meals. The origins of sandwiches are connected to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

4. 🍭 National Candy Day #NationalCandyDay

The sweetest holiday – National Candy Day is a great opportunity for all those with a sweet tooth to treat themselves.

8. National Cappuccino Day #CappuccinoDay

National Cappuccino Day is the perfect occasion to enjoy that perfect creamy cuppa. Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink that's prepared with espresso, hot milk, and milk foam. Based on the Italian traditions, cappuccinos should only be served until noon.

8. 🔬 National STEM Day #STEMDay

National STEM Day celebrates science, technology, engineering, and medicine education within the United States.

11. Veterans Day #VeteransDay

Use Veterans Day to celebrate and honor all military veterans and those who served in the United States Armed Forces

11. Remembrance Day #PoppyDay #RemembranceDay

Remembrance Day is celebrated in the Commonwealth member states. Since the end of World War I, the day has been used to commemorate armed forces members who died during the war. It's a Royal British Legion tradition to wear a poppy on your clothing in the 11 days leading up to Remembrance Day, thus the holiday also bears the name Poppy Day.

13. 💗 World Kindness Day #WKD

World Kindness Day invites everyone across the world to focus on good deeds and positive thoughts. All random acts of kindness are more than welcome on this day.

14. World Diabetes Day #WDD

World Diabetes Day is used as an opportunity to raise awareness about the disease and those impacted by it worldwide. This day was picked because it was the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who co-discovered insulin in 1922.

15. National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day #CleanOutYourRefrigeratorDay

No more expired sauces and half-empty Tupperware containers – use National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day for its intended purpose.

15. ♻ America Recycles Day #BeRecycled

Each year, America Recycles Day is used to continue the conversation about the importance of recycling, reducing waste, and purchasing recycled products.

16. International Day for Tolerance #ToleranceDay

In 1995, UNESCO introduced the International Day of Tolerance to nurture mutual understanding between cultures and people, as well as raise public awareness about the dangers and negative effects of intolerance.

17. International Students Day #InternationalStudentsDay

Though celebrated on different days depending on the region, International Students Day is a university celebration of students coming from all over the world to study together. It was initially held to commemorate the day that Nazi troops stormed Czech universities and sent many students to concentration camps.

19. 👨 International Men’s Day #InternationalMensDay

On International Men's Day, people worldwide are encouraged to celebrate and appreciate the men in their lives. It highlights the well-being of men as well as the positive role models around us.

20. 👦👧 World Children's Day #ChildrensDay

Previously known as Universal Children's Day, World Children's Day was first introduced in 1954 by the U.N. to improve children's welfare and promote international togetherness. While the aims are the same, this is different from International Children's Day on June 1.

21. 👋 World Hello Day #WorldHelloDay

It's easy to celebrate World Hello Day – you just need to greet ten people. The day was first introduced in 1973 as a response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel. Since then, the movement has highlighted the importance of communication and peace.

26. 🎂 National Cake Day #NationalCakeDay

You guessed it – National Cake Day celebrates cakes. Rumor has it that calories don't count on this day.

28. 🦃 Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday in November) #Thanksgiving

Celebrated in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, Thanksgiving is a national holiday that's meant to celebrate and give thanks for the end of the harvest season. It's usually marked by getting together with family or friends for a large meal.

29. Black Friday (Fourth Friday in November) #BlackFriday #BlackFridayDeals

Black Friday is marked on calendars as the day after U.S. Thanksgiving. Historically, the day is connected to masses of people creating chaos on the streets of Philadelphia in the 1950s, and that turned into a major retail holiday on which shop owners offer hard-to-resist deals. In recent years, Black Friday deals have become available online and on more days than just this Friday.

29. National Day of Listening (Fourth Friday in November) #DayOfListening

Originated in 2008 as an alternative to Black Friday shopping, National Day of Listening encourages Americans to sit down and have deep, meaningful conversations with friends and family.

29. Electronic Greeting Card Day #ElectronicGreetingCardDay

Celebrated annually, Electronic Greeting Card Day encourages people to send electronic greetings to friends and family.

30. Small Business Saturday (Last Saturday in November) #ShopSmall

Celebrated on the Saturday after U.S. Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday encourages people to head to local mom-and-pop stores, rather than chain stores owned by big corporations.

30. 💻 Computer Security Day #ComputerSecurityDay

As computers became commonplace, Computer Security Day was introduced in 1988. The day is used to shed light on the prevention of computer malware and viruses.

December 2024

1. World AIDS Day #WorldAIDSDay

World AIDS Day is held to raise awareness about AIDS prevention and to remember those who have died from the disease.

3. ♿ International Day of Persons with Disabilities #IDPWD

This day is to celebrate persons with disabilities and also to bring awareness to the challenges that they face throughout the world.

4. 🍪 National Cookie Day #NationalCookieDay

Whether you prefer to bake them at home or pick up a few at the local bakery, cookies are worth celebrating.

5. 🌱 World Soil Day #WorldSoilDay

This day celebrates the importance of quality soil and advocates for sustainable soil maintenance worldwide.

6. National Microwave Oven Day #MicrowaveOvenDay

Created partially by accident in 1945, take a day to appreciate the appliance that changed the way we use the kitchen.

10. International Human Rights Day #HumanRightsDay

Human Rights Day promotes the values laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the U.N. General Assembly in 1948.

10. 🐒 International Animal Rights Day #AnimalRightsDay

Created in 1998, Animal Rights Day is about advocating for the ethical and fair treatment of animals, because they can't always stand up for themselves.

10. 🏅 Nobel Prize Day #NobelPrize

Every year the Nobel Prize is awarded on December 10, the day the award's namesake, Alfred Nobel, died in 1896. There are actually five Nobel Prizes, and they're awarded in the categories of Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Peace.

11. 🏔 International Mountain Day #InternationalMountainDay

This day is aimed to raise awareness of mountains' role in sustainable development. It's also a good day to gander at your nearest mountain, or maybe even climb up it.

13. National Salesperson Day (Second Friday in December) #SalespersonDay

Take a moment on this day to say thank you or show appreciation for the people who help you in stores everywhere.

21. National Crossword Puzzle Day #CrosswordPuzzleDay

The first known crossword puzzle appeared in the New York World on December 21, 1913.

21. ⛄ First Day of Winter #WinterSolstice

The shortest day of the year, the winter solstice is considered the astronomical first day of winter.

23. Festivus #Festivus #AiringOfGrievances

Popularized in a 1997 episode of Seinfeld, elements of this non-commercial holiday tradition have been adopted by people across the globe. Celebrating Festivus includes putting up an unadorned metal pole, an airing of grievances, and feats of strength.

26. Kwanzaa #Kwanzaa

This holiday, which runs through January 1, celebrates the African heritage in African-American culture and was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga.

30. 🙅 No Interruptions Day (Last work day of the year) #NoInterruptionsDay

For those unlucky few who end up working long hours at the end of the year to make sure things get done, this day is for you.

31. 🎇 New Year’s Eve #NYE #NewYearsEve

When there's only one day left in the year, there's nothing left to do but celebrate and welcome in the new year.

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