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How to close the customer experience gap

What to know in 2021 to elevate CX across the customer journey.

What is the customer experience gap?

The CX gap is the distance between what customers expect from their experiences with a brand, and how well these brands believe they are meeting those expectations.


of customers stop doing business with a brand they love after only one bad experience. (Source: PwC)

What leads to the customer experience gap?

More and more, customers expect to interact with brands how they want, when they want. In search of easier, faster, more engaging, and personalized experiences, customer expectations are continually evolving, often quicker than brands can keep up, widening the CX gap.

Guide: CX in a new era of customer expectation

Learn some of the key drivers and trends shaping the future of customer experience, and how placing empathy at the heart of all efforts is the key to deliver great experiences that truly meets their needs, and closes the CX gap.

Understanding needs.

Meeting needs.

How can brands close the customer experience gap?

Step 1:

Step 2:

Gartner Report: Adopt a Customer-Centric Approach to Drive Customer Experience
As customer expectations for seamless experiences accelerate, so must the tools and strategies that executive leaders use to exceed them. However, keeping up with these expectations across the customer journey presents an ongoing challenge for organizations today.
Guide: Engaging digital communities in the age of CX
People’s growing need for fast, convenient, and engaging experiences is constantly challenging community managers to find ways meet - and exceed - these expectations. In this guide, learn the latest trends and best practices to help your team do this.

of customers are at least somewhat likely to buy based on experiences alone.

(Source: Forbes / Arm Treasure Data)

The role of empathy in closing the CX gap

Brands that deliver authentic and personalized interactions create a foundation for emotional connection that fosters loyalty and creates standout experiences.

But empathy can’t be faked; it’s a mindset, a culture. It must drive all activities inside an organization, customer-facing or not.

Tech Wire Asia: The Critical Role of Empathy in a CX-Driven World
While customers needed to quickly adapt their day-to-day habits, brands had to rethink every customer touchpoint and rebuild their customer journeys at record speed.
Leading with empathy for better customer experience
Genuine empathy is powerful stuff. It anchors relationships, builds loyalty, and drives revenue. Steer and manage better customer experience with Emplifi.

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