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Penguin Random House overcomes performance and customer engagement challenges

Enhancing social media strategy and decision-making with Emplifi's analytics and community capabilities

The challenge 

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, a leading player in the editorial industry, faced a common challenge of struggling with engagement of their audience and conversion. Despite having a strong presence on social media, they didn't have a reliable and consistent tool to measure their performance. This made it difficult to understand their audience's behavior and tailor their content accordingly. The lack of trustworthy metrics also made it challenging to accurately report on their social media efforts to key stakeholders within the organization.

The solution

Emplifi's platform proved to be the solution to Penguin Random House's engagement and conversion challenges, allowing the team to start using it almost immediately after onboarding. 

With a variety of metrics to choose from, Emplifi allowed the team to determine the best-performing content and understand the differences between platforms, providing a comprehensive understanding of their social media performance. Emplifi's powerful analytics capabilities and integration with internal reporting tools, such as Power BI, have enabled seamless cross-team cooperation and improved decision-making.

"Integrating the tool with Emplifi has been a real life saver, making report sharing easier and more efficient," said Alberto Gutierrez, Social Media Coordinator.

Automated scheduling and publishing capabilities for all social media channels from one intuitive interface helped streamline the team's processes. Emplifi's content inspiration feature provided new and engaging ideas for social media content, while posts labeling functionality allowed for easy categorization and reporting on social media efforts. The influencer functionality enabled the team to spend their marketing budget wisely by predicting which campaigns would be most effective based on real data. 

"The approach taken by the Penguin Random House team to encourage reading and promote their publications is incredibly creative and innovative, and never ceases to amaze me," said Aurora Oliva, Customer Success Manager at Emplifi. "As a publisher, they face the significant challenge of attracting new audiences who may not be habitual readers. However, through their well-planned campaigns, they are able to capture the attention of diverse segments successfully. Working closely with them is truly inspiring!"

The result

Analytics and reporting

Emplifi's dashboard and diverse widgets provide the team with the flexibility to experiment with different metrics and gather valuable insights. One of their main priorities is to be able to report on retention across all their platforms, and they’re excited about the tool's ability to present all relevant information in a single metric. 

"Emplifi has been a real game changer, providing us with measurements that we can trust and making report sharing much easier and efficient," said Aura Garcia, Creative Manager.

The use of data plays a crucial role in the decision-making process for the business. The availability of data in a user-friendly format greatly contributes to the business's ability to make informed decisions, particularly in terms of budget allocation, future campaigns, and strategic planning, including what types of content perform better on each platform. 

For example, to gain insight into the best-performing content for each platform, the PRH marketing team utilized Emplifi to generate a monthly report. By analyzing the data, they discovered that video content performed significantly better on Instagram. Armed with this information, the team can now prioritize creating and sharing more video content on the platform to maximize engagement and increase their social media success.

Penguin Random House has also recently started to create content on TikTok, but one of the challenges is to produce content that’s relevant, successful, and doesn’t violate copyrights. Emplifi helps the company overcome this challenge by providing easy and quick data, which is more accurate compared to the data provided by the platform's native analytics. This helps the company to make informed decisions and take the first steps toward creating successful content.

"By using Emplifi, the process of reporting has become easier as TikTok only allows for reporting on the last month," Gutierrez said. "This was especially helpful for comparing data from 2021 and 2022, as it would not have been possible without Emplifi."


With a focus on optimizing Facebook posts, the company places a high priority on accurate labeling to gain a clear understanding of the performance of their books on social media. To achieve this, they leverage the ISBN code — a book's unique ID number — which serves as a key tag to track books' performance on both organic and promoted posts. This approach enables brand managers to easily monitor the performance of each book on social media and gain valuable insights into customer engagement and sentiment. This enables the company to develop a more informed and strategic approach to social media marketing, ultimately driving greater engagement, visibility, and sales for their books.

Community and crisis management

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the office phone shut down, making it difficult for customers to reach the company for various needs such as making a purchase or reporting a problem with a book. To address this issue, the company utilized social media as the main mode of communication for customer engagement.

By gathering information from Emplifi’s community feature, the company created an FAQ to assist their clients with any queries they may have. To adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic, the company rethought their processes and leveraged answer templates to streamline their services, such as replacing books with printing errors, which was previously done over the phone.

"We had to adapt to the changing times and leverage technology to better serve our clients during the pandemic,” Gutierrez said. "By creating an FAQ and using answers templates, we were able to streamline the process and provide a seamless experience for our customers."

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