Wed2B says "I do" to Emplifi

Integrated solution allows Wed2B to produce, publish and monitor engaging content.

Wed2B is one of the largest UK retailers of wedding dresses, with over 40 stores. Wed2B ranked in the FT1000 in 2019 and 2020 and placed in the Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 in both 2017 and 2018. Wed2B understands the critical role social media plays in the company’s success. It has profiles on numerous social media platforms for various countries, each with its own schedule. Publishing the content natively and ad-hoc directly on Facebook or Instagram would eliminate time for other tasks. Instead, Wed2B started using the publisher in Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud to schedule all content weeks ahead of time, allowing the team to focus on other priorities.

Vital insights drive tone of voice and engagement

For Wed2B, one of the most challenging parts of social media marketing is trying to adapt to industry and consumer changes while remaining on brand. “The Wed2B brand name and image are very important to us, but trends and ever-evolving platforms such as the arrival of TikTok and Instagram Reels require us to constantly look at our current strategy,” said Paul McAllen, Marketing Executive, Wed2B. “We also follow what our competitors are doing and listen to our brides to ensure we are seizing every potential marketing opportunity without losing who we are.”

Wed2B uses Emplifi Analytics to identify content and products brides respond well to. This vital information is shared with other departments, such as design and merchandise, to ensure that the product and content are in line with what brides want and expect. The Emplifi sentiments functionality also allows Wed2B to flag positive and negative comments, providing insight into what their customers love and don’t love. Wed2B uses that data to refine their tone of voice and the way they engage with brides.

“By utilizing labels and analytics we’ve been able to understand our brides better than ever, and we have been able to raise our engagement rate benchmark substantially from what it was before,” added Paul McAllen.

Deep dive into data reveals correlations

It was important for Wed2B to be able to identify correlations between the products they sell and the products brides engage with on social media. Before Emplifi, reading through the comments that brides made on posts and collecting the data into a spreadsheet would be a tedious task. Now, with the tagging and labels functionality in Emplifi, Wed2B can pull reports and analytics with just a few clicks and dive deep into the data.

The Wed2B team also uses Emplifi’s Community module to ensure that they respond to customers in a timely manner.

A relationship built to last

Moving forward, Wed2B is focused on continuing to hit KPIs and progressively increasing the targets, setting new goals to hit. “By setting a minimum standard for our content and comms, we have a clear vision of the results we want to achieve,” said Paul. “From small additions to the publisher platform to the exciting inclusion of Instagram direct messages on community manager, Emplifi is constantly releasing updates that make our social media strategy more efficient than ever.”

The takeaway

Wed2B uses Emplifi’s analytics and publisher functions to produce and publish the best performing content that happily marries the brand’s tone of voice with its brides’ expectations. The Wed2B customer care team also uses the community manager to ensure that they respond to their customers in a timely manner and that none go under the radar.

"The sentiment feature allows us to tag the positive and negative comments, providing great insight into what our customers love and what is not too appealing to them," said McAllen. "This allows us to refine the way we engage with our brides and other things such as tone of voice."

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