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Evelyn Taylor — Community Manager, Emplifi

Community Corner: 20 brands for marketers to watch in 2024

Editor's note: Each of the brands in this article are part of the Emplifi community. You can read their stories (and more) in our Customer Success Stories section.

A winning combination of consumer-driven marketing strategies, high-quality products, and outstanding customer service is key to standing out as a brand today, especially within the saturated landscape of modern-day social media. At Emplifi, we're always looking out for companies our community can learn from that meet and exceed those standards.

These 20 brands (listed alphabetically) are poised to make waves in 2024 by celebrating their loyal customers and delivering unbeatable support, on social media and beyond.

Benefit Cosmetics

Influencer marketing plays a major role in Benefit Cosmetics' marketing and social media strategy, and the brand puts in extra effort to prioritize localized content. The brand empowers its global audience by working with creators from different locales to build a deeper connection with consumers in the beauty community. Benefit has also cultivated an engaged audience on TikTok, sharing tutorials and product information while incorporating trends on the platform.

Bensons for Beds

It's challenging to recreate the in-store, hands-on experience of shopping for beds and mattresses through a brand's website. Bensons for Beds solves this issue for consumers by connecting online shoppers with in-store associates ready to answer any questions and show products via one-to-one video through Emplifi Live Advisor. Talk about convenience!

Bob's Red Mill

Seasoned and aspiring chefs alike rely on Bob's Red Mill products in the kitchen, especially for recipes requiring unique ingredients like paleo-friendly flour or gluten-free mixes. Detailed review collection, Checkout Comments, and Community Q&A on-site give customers several ways to share their love for Bob's Red Mill products, how they're using those products, and what they're excited to see next from the brand.


Delivering optimal customer service is crucial in the airline industry. That's why Delta is continually improving its strategy by equipping flight attendants with the technology and information they need to build a personal connection and create a seamless experience for flyers. Through Emplifi's technology, flight attendants can resolve guest issues and get answers to questions in real-time, quickly getting the assistance they need from Delta's support team. This innovative approach to guest support makes Delta a standout choice for travelers when choosing an airline to trust.

Dine Brands

Dine Brands holds true to its goal of making sure guest feedback is heard while passing feedback on to their franchisees, including fan-favorites Applebee's and IHOP. Paving the way for restaurant companies worldwide, Dine Brands pays extra attention to meeting customers where they are, providing real-time support on social media and other customer service avenues. The Dine Brands team is also featured on the company's website and social channels!


Operating under parent company Helen of Troy, Drybar provides customers with professional blowouts and hair care products often mentioned by influencers on social media. Drybar taps into user-generated content (UGC) to turn their customers into advocates, frequently sharing photos and videos from real customers on the brand's channels, and boasts a high volume of value-packed product reviews for site visitors.


Since 1939, farm and home supply company Gemplers has been renowned for supplying customers with top-quality, commercial-grade products. Offering gear from beloved brands like Carhartt and Leatherman, Gemplers has an impressive, diverse eCommerce product catalog. This diverse selection makes Gemplers a one-stop shop for individuals working outside in any capacity, and the retailer's site boasts a high volume of reviews valuable to shoppers.

G2 Esports

Berlin-based organization G2 Esports should be on your radar in 2024, as social media platforms like YouTube and Twitch become increasingly important to esports gameplay. By integrating with Chinese social media management platform KAWO, the brand can also create, schedule, and share social media content across major Chinese platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and Douyin to reach its global audience.


A frontrunner in health-related products, SUNSTAR created the GUM® brand to make oral care easier and more efficient for consumers. The brand's team takes into account the pivotal role social media plays in addressing consumers' health queries and concerns, facilitating high user engagement while sharing useful content for its community via top social channels.


Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants exemplifies a travel brand that prioritizes customer experience. The Kimpton team goes the extra mile, displaying sincere attentiveness, which in turn fosters strong customer advocacy. Take a look at Kimpton's Instagram profile to see endless photos from passionate guests and hear about their experiences!

Land O'Lakes

The Land O'Lakes Test Kitchen is a group of experts who share recipes, nutrition facts, and cooking tips with a focus on delicious food. They're all about making cooking easy and enjoyable! Land O'Lakes boasts a strong community-first social media strategy, even tapping into Facebook Live Streaming to connect with food lovers online.


Cosmetics brand MBX (formerly Memebox) offers shoppers high-quality beauty products from its five distinct brands, each with its own individual personality. Appealing to worldwide shoppers of all ages, MBX maintains an impressive dedication to its online community by frequently resharing customer and influencer content on social media. Quality, fun, and inclusivity are the name of the game for MBX.


High-end domestic appliances and commercial equipment manufacturer Miele's goal is to always make customers happy by giving them top-notch quality, cutting-edge technology, great outcomes, and classic style. Miele also leads the way in saving energy and taking care of the environment, highlighting its commitment to sustainability through the brand's "Immer Besser" philosophy. Miele will continue to stand out in 2024 for its exceptional quality standards, as well as the brand's dedication to fostering conversation with customers on social media.

NAVY Hair Care

Sustainable hair care brand NAVY Hair Care was established with a strong emphasis on social awareness and community-driven principles. Always looking for ways to celebrate its customers and incorporate their stories into the brand's marketing narrative, NAVY Hair Care always has a finger on the pulse when it comes to community. A quick look at the brand's social profiles and website pages emphasizes this value, as enthusiastic customer UGC can be found far and wide!

Seattle Coffee Gear

Seattle Coffee Gear is dedicated to guiding shoppers in their quest to find the ideal brewing setup, showcasing customer reviews and UGC across its marketing channels to provide shoppers with the confidence they need to purchase. The brand's on-site, shoppable gallery of customer photos and videos engages coffee lovers, encouraging them to share their own experiences with Seattle Coffee Gear products on social media.


Skyscanner has cracked the code when it comes to connecting with a global audience, especially on social media. Reposting influencer and UGC, Skyscanner champions customers while inspiring future vacationers. The Skyscanner website is also very user-friendly and might make you want to book a spontaneous flight.

The Bay

Canadian luxury goods and apparel retailer The Bay is yet another leading company when it comes to authentic product reviews. Featuring syndicated reviews from 332 brand websites, there's no shortage of customer proof to keep shoppers coming back for more. The Bay also keeps tabs on popular products, shopping habits, and trends in different product categories to meet customer expectations — in terms of quality and support.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is one of the most Instagrammed hotels in the world, and for good reason. From lavish pools to lively restaurants, The Cosmopolitan provides a picture-perfect experience for guests and showcases that through their own original social media posts. Prospective guests can explore galleries of content from real people like them, specific to different services and spaces the hotel offers.


Volaris is committed to exceptional customer support, earning the title of second-most popular airline brand in Mexico and the USA in 2022, according to social media engagement data from Emplifi. As a traveler, knowing an airline cares about your experience is a huge factor when choosing a flight. Volaris goes above and beyond to support travelers, even when service quality is influenced by external factors like weather and airport services.


Wedding dress retailer Wed2B skilfully uses social media to build lasting relationships with brides, taking into account the content they engage with online to meet their product expectations. Wed2B maintains an open dialogue with its brand community online, responding to consumer questions and concerns in a timely fashion and using their feedback to consistently improve.

As the eCommerce industry gears up for another year of innovation, keep these brands on your radar. While monitoring your direct competitors' marketing activity is always valuable, companies outside your industry can also provide inspiration when it comes to building authentic connections with your customers.

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