Emplifi and Go Instore

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is being announced?

Emplifi has announced that it has closed the acquisition of Go Instore, a cloud-based provider of live shopping experiences. The company was founded in London in 2014 and has approximately 60 employees.

What product(s) does Go Instore offer?

Go Instore specializes in video-powered retail for customers, enabling an in-store experience online (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Go Instore’s technology also helps to deliver a new channel for brands to engage with and serve their customers.

What does the combination of Emplifi and Go Instore mean for the market?

The acquisition of Go Instore accelerates Emplifi’s ability to offer a variety of commerce solutions to global brands, offering customers a new way to capture the attention and conversion of customers through livestream video shopping. Emplifi will offer Go Instore as part of its Emplifi Social Commerce platform as well as sell Go Instore’s livestream video shopping platform as a stand-alone offering.

What is the rationale for Emplifi’s acquisition of Go Instore?

With the acquisition of Go Instore, Emplifi’s industry-first Social Commerce Cloud has a comprehensive social shopping platform where customers can have one-to-one and one-to-many live experiences right from their desktop, mobile, tablet, or wherever they’re shopping online. Go Instore specializes in video-powered retail for customers, enabling an in-store experience online (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Go Instore’s technology also helps to deliver a new channel for brands to engage with and serve their customers, strengthening Emplifi’s omnichannel approach — meeting customers, wherever they are.

Who are Go Instore's customers?

Go Instore is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands, including HP, Porsche, Samsung, De Beers, Marionnaud, and many more.

What is Go Instore’s annual revenue?

Go Instore is a private company and its annual revenue or other financial information is not publicly available.

How does this acquisition affect the ongoing development of Go Instore's products?

Go Instore will become a key component of the Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud. Emplifi will continue to support customers’ existing investments in their Go Instore setup, as well as offer the option to easily onramp into other social commerce, social marketing, and customer care channels. More information will be provided in the future on how Go Instore will integrate into Emplifi’s cloud portfolio and product roadmap.

How does this acquisition affect Emplifi’s products?

Emplifi continues to invest in an aggressive development roadmap for our existing products. This announcement follows on the heels of Emplifi’s recent Social Commerce Cloud release, which brought significant innovation to the social shopping industry, including first-of-its-kind features like Shop Clerk™, Shop Sync™, integrated Social Care, and Shop 360 Analytics™.

Will Go Instore leadership and employees be retained?

Go Instore’s leadership has agreed to stay with Emplifi and drive further development. As Go Instore employees have significant domain expertise, the intention is for them to remain and grow with Emplifi. In addition to this acquisition, Emplifi has many open positions for which you can apply on the Emplifi Careers website.

Will Go Instore be integrated into Emplifi, or remain its own brand?

Go Instore will be integrated into the Emplifi brand. A more specific timeline will be available in the future.

How does Emplifi’s acquisition of Go Instore benefit Go Instore's customers?

Go Instore customers will benefit from increased investment in research and development for all products. Additionally, Go Instore customers will benefit from future integration with Emplifi’s other Social Commerce offerings, enabling an omnichannel approach to social commerce.

Can brands still purchase Go Instore's products/services?

Yes! As the Go Instore platform continues to be available, please visit goinstore.com or contact your existing sales representative.

Who should Go Instore customers contact for sales, renewals, support, or other account-related questions?

Go Instore customers should continue to liaise with their existing contacts for all account-related questions, including sales, support, and professional services. When appropriate, we will communicate any changes through the appropriate channels.


The preceding FAQ is provided for informational purposes only to address common questions our customers and partners may have regarding Emplifi’s acquisition of Go Instore. The information provided is general in nature and is not intended to provide either an exhaustive explanation of Emplifi’s development plans or address any one specific solution from Emplifi, except where noted.

This FAQ contains forward-looking statements. Our product and service offerings, future updates, or other planned modifications are subject to ongoing evaluation by Emplifi and subject to change.

This information is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Customers who purchase Emplifi offerings should make their purchase decision based upon features that are currently available.

Last updated: September 22, 2021

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