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Social listening and intelligence tools for modern brands

Gain the insights you need to create content your audiences want to see, provide engaging and empathetic social experiences that stand out, and drive the most impactful campaigns.

Gain a 360° view of your key audiences

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Comprehensive insights

Industry gaps identification

Social trend spike alerts

Real-time, multilingual support

Powerful AI tools

Custom displays

Understand engagement at the point of purchase

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews provides diverse customer feedback from different types of review content. Collect positive reviews from customers and influencers, and automatically syndicate your seller ratings to forge your online reputation.

Emplifi Ratings and Reviews

Consolidate insights from web and social

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Easy access to deep insights

Historical context

Unrivaled competitive intel

Easy-to-use dynamic displays

Industry-leading support

Amplify customer feedback with Social VoC

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Emplifi Community and Care Integration

Survey programming and customization

Reporting and Decision AI

Power your social strategy with these additional tools

Emplifi Analytics
Emplifi Publisher
Emplifi UGC
Emplifi Analytics

See the full picture with Emplifi Analytics

Get a complete view of your social media performance with Emplifi Analytics' advanced reporting and analysis tools and exportable custom Dashboards with omnichannel widgets covering earned, owned, paid, competitive, and influenced data.

Emplifi Publisher

Streamline your publishing workflow with Emplifi Publisher

Take control of your social media content with Emplifi Publisher's intuitive scheduling, collaboration, and approval workflows. Use powerful AI-powered tools like AI Composer — our industry-first GPT-3-powered tool to help teams ideate and create social media copy — as well as PrimeTime to determine the best time to post.

Emplifi UGC

Amplify your content with Emplifi UGC

Leverage user-generated content to amplify your brand message with authenticity, and engage your audience with Emplifi UGC's advanced curation, permissioning, and management tools.

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