What customer expectations do social media managers need to know today

What customer expectations do social media managers need to know today?

A recent Emplifi report dives into what people expect from their social media experiences with brands like yours.

A brand’s ability to forge deep relationships with its customers – and to be more than just a product or service provider – has never been more essential. As consumers increasingly turn to social media through their customer journey, brands must have a solid understanding of what they actually expect from their social media experiences. With this knowledge, brands can be better prepared to devise solid social media management, marketing, and care strategies.

To learn more about consumer expectations on social media, Emplifi commissioned Harris Interactive to survey over 1,000 US consumers and the results are highlighted in Emplifi’s report, 7 key consumer expectations impacting social media success today. This report looks at key consumer expectations all brands should know about in order to improve their social media strategy, and optimize their social customer care efforts.

Here are just a couple of the key insights you can find in our report. To discover more, download your free copy today!

Consumers (especially younger generations) prefer to communicate with brands on social media

If given only one option, consumers prefer to communicate with brands via social media more than any other channel such as email or in-person at a physical store. This is especially true among Gen Z consumers.

62% of consumers feel they don't get excellent social media customer service when making a purchase

Many brands are missing the opportunity to leverage their social media presence as a key cog in their customer service machine – especially during the crucial buying phase of the customer journey. This is felt most strongly by Gen Z consumers.

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