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By Mark Zablan - CEO, Emplifi

Leading with empathy for better customer experience

Genuine empathy is powerful stuff. It anchors relationships, builds loyalty, and drives revenue. Steer and manage better customer experience with Emplifi.

Imagine a world in which every brand understood its customers deeply. Companies would anticipate individual needs and deliver care at precisely the right moment. As a consumer, I want to live in that world. But as a business leader, I see a widening gap between the kind of experience customers expect and what most brands are able to deliver.

Drawing on the combined strengths of two customer experience powerhouses – Astute and Socialbakers – Emplifi is building the unified CX platform that will bring this vision to life.

Since the advent of digital technology, innovation has accelerated at mind-blowing speed, often unfolding in surprising ways. Who would have predicted that in 2021, 30% of consumers would be ready to make online purchases over a social network? Or that, according to eMarketer, social commerce revenue would reach $36 billion by year end? 

People now hop, skip, and jump their way around the digital universe to find whatever they seek, expecting to find what they want at a moment's notice, with the least amount of effort and in the way most convenient to them. They talk to chatbots with ease, check inventory online before heading to the store, and make purchases from their phones while standing in line to buy groceries. 

Meanwhile, marketing organizations are coping with fragmented teams, siloed information, and outdated technology systems. Companies are caught in an endless game of catch-up with their own target audiences. 

The more I study these challenges, the more I see that empathy is the only answer.

When customers come first

Genuine empathy is powerful stuff. It anchors relationships, builds loyalty, and drives revenue. But you can’t fake it; empathy either is embraced to the core, or not at all. It helps to have a Customer Experience Officer (CXO) dedicated to the role, as I explained in this Fast Company article, but the entire organization has to put the customer first.

In practice, this means learning all you possibly can know of an individual’s situation before suggesting a next step. But with so many channels and interactions, how does a brand piece together an accurate picture of the customer relationship and pinpoint the exact moment to present an amazing experience? 

This is where Emplifi comes in.

We are combining the best of Astute’s customer engagement and Voice of the Customer solutions with Socialbakers’ social media marketing tools to give you the critical insights that underpin empathy. By bringing marketing, care and commerce together, Emplifi supports connected brand experiences across all channels and at every touchpoint along the customer journey.

Built on a new, modern architecture, Emplifi CX Cloud gives brands the ability to provide empathetic experiences through integrated social marketing, social commerce, and customer care and service. Our solution has three main components:

  • Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud helps companies reach audiences and build brands with AI-powered tools to schedule, manage and publish social media across channels. 

  • Emplifi Social Commerce Cloud enables brands to reimagine the shopping experience with new ways to relate, connect, convert and sell.

  • Emplifi Service Cloud provides the tools to engage, support, and care for customers across the channels of their choice.

We believe that when you truly understand your customers, you’ll be able to amplify the best experience every time and deliver customer experiences that truly resonate and meet their ever-growing expectations.

Better together

While the Emplifi brand is new, our experience runs deep, and our commitment to every client remains strong as ever. Over 7,000 of the world’s best-known brands rely on us to monitor their social media profiles, facilitate digital interactions, analyze key touch-points along the buyer’s journey, and run their customer engagement operations.

We are here to help you close the customer experience gap and navigate the fast-changing CX landscape. Let’s make great new things happen together.

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