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Mother's Day 2020 brand examples on social media

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, few brands have taken the initiative to share inspiring holiday campaigns celebrating mom. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year's festivities have been slow to take off as many companies are mired in crisis management and people around the world can’t make plans to visit their mom like they normally would. 

Nevertheless, several brands have managed to unveil emotional tributes for mothers on social media, several of which tug on viewers’ heartstrings. Many companies embraced the current health concerns by featuring families staying home and celebrating mothers from a safe distance. 

Although Mother’s Day won’t be the same this year, here are 10 brands spreading some Mother’s Day joy on social media. 


This sustainable water bottle company took a unique approach on marketing this Mother’s Day, as the brand shared a heartwarming home video of a mother and daughter passing their EQUA water bottles to each other through video chat.

The brand was careful to incorporate aspects of social distancing in order to avoid any insensitivity towards the recent pandemic. The brand reinforced that although many mothers won’t be able to celebrate as normal, families can still spend valuable time together from a safe distance. 


Samsung joined in on the Mother’s Day fun by posting a compilation of home videos that mothers had captured of their children while growing up. The company encouraged fans to “put Mom in the picture,” by sharing photos and videos celebrating all the hard work and sacrifice their moms had shown over the years (shot on the Samsung Galaxy, of course). 

The company featured people visiting their mothers through video chat, glass windows, and even from the driveway. The post was an uplifting reminder that moms can be appreciated even during quarantine.

IT Cosmetics 

Mother’s Day is all about showing appreciation and gratitude for moms around the world. But what do you get for someone who's done so much? Thankfully, this makeup company is sharing some truly great gift inspiration for those of us who may have put it off until now.

IT Cosmetics shared a quick tutorial on how to boost your confidence and skin care routine step-by-step. Luckily, the featured products double as the perfect Mother’s Day gift, coming in an easy-to-order bundle.


The luxury handbag company went the influencer route by enlisting the help of Jennifer Lopez. The brand shared a heartfelt video of Lopez's Mother’s Day message to her mom, thanking her for molding the singer and actress into who she is today.

In their Instagram post, Coach mentioned that “Jeniffer Lopez plays many roles. One of her favorites? Being her mom’s daughter”. This brand went straight for the heartstrings – and we love it!


The American cosmetics company blew us all away with a thoughtful Mother’s Day campaign, starring mom as the original influencer. Aveda shared a refreshing video on Instagram featuring a model standing in the clouds, while reeling the captions “Before Beyoncé, before Kylie and before Paris there was one original influencer: your Mother.”

The makeup brand left out all the gimmicky promotions and simply invited followers to celebrate Mother’s Day alongside the company. Based on all the positive comments, it’s safe to say that the campaign was a big success. 


The airline company used their International Women’s Day campaign, which never got released due to COVID-19, to double as a Mother’s Day celebration. The encouraging video highlighted the importance of gender equality and how women's role in society has transformed.

It features both male and female pilots speaking with their mothers and family about the way in which they were raised and how it’s empowered them to pursue aviation.


Pandora, the well known jewelry brand, shared a unique Mother’s Day collaboration with actress Millie Bobby Brown. For the campaign, the Stranger Things actress was featured in a retro diner gushing compliments about her mom.

The brand kept the Instagram video short and sweet, managing to rack up nearly 300,000 views and plenty of happy fans in the comments.


The British grocery store chain used this Mother’s Day to remind followers that being a mom means so much more than simply a biological relationship. Whether it’s a stepmom, aunt, foster parent, or adoptive mother, being a mom is all about unconditional love and attention.

The brand’s commercial featured a wide array of mother-child relationships sharing their own unique and personal stories. The authenticity of Tesco’s video truly made this ad stand out. The campaign touched the hearts of many viewers, ours included!

UPS Canada 

For those of us with fur babies at home, UPS Canada shared their creative Mother’s Day campaign including a special mention for pet moms. The packaging and delivery company decided to make a contest out of the post, asking followers to tag other pet owners.

The post was highly successful with many viewers flocking to the comments section to not only participate in the contest, but to thank the company for giving credit where it’s due. 

Serena and Lily 

The luxury home furniture company encouraged moms to #TreatYourself along with sharing a photo of a plush powder room featuring a gorgeous white bathtub. The brand also directed followers to tune in to their stories to hear how other mothers plan on practicing self-care on account of the annual holiday.

The California brand shared the post across platforms and received overwhelmingly positive response from followers. The brand continues to share Mother’s Day posts and people are loving it.

The takeaway

At the moment, marketing is a particularly tricky topic and it’s understandable why many brands decided to sit this Mother’s Day out. However, it’s a great chance for companies to connect with moms and offer families a sense of happiness and comfort during these challenging times.

For brands that did choose to give Mother’s Day 2020 a try, the campaigns were highly creative and truly added a splash of color to many users' social media feed. The participating brands managed to keep posts mindful yet meaningful, taking into consideration the implications of quarantine.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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