Person smiling looking at mobile in front of a laptop in a restaurant

The Definitive Guide to Customer Service Automation

Customer service automation technology plays a key role in improving outcomes for customers, business leaders, and agents alike, as well as meeting your customer service goals

The challenge for customer experience and service leaders is this: how can automation best be used to help elevate customer service without sacrificing the personal touch that only a live agent can provide?

This report looks at everything you need to know about customer service automation today, including best practices (and pitfalls to avoid) to embed automation into your customer service workflows. Most importantly, to ensure the best experience for customers and help your agents become more efficient. 

Key Takeaways From the Report

  • Beyond helping improve response times and reduce friction for customers, customer service automation helps contact centers scale when there are influxes in queries.

  • Bots are among the top three choices of how consumers prefer to engage with customer service.

  • Getting agents on board with the planning and execution of automation initiatives is key to finding the right balance between automation and the personal touch needed for great customer service.

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