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Your Primer to Voice of Customer, and How It Fills the CX Knowledge Gap

Keeping up with today's connected customers presents a significant challenge for any brand. Their expectations are constantly evolving, while their journeys become more and more complex. 

As recent customer experience statistics and research show, brands have little room for error when it comes to their CX. Understanding what their customers truly need, expect and experience at key touchpoints in their journey is essential to design experiences that stand out in their eyes.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) provides a glimpse into the mind of customers like no other data source can, so brands can design experiences truly empathetic to their customers. But how can brands best utilize VoC to fill in the blanks on their customers’ experiences, and use these insights to power CX across the customer journey? 

This report provides a look at what you need to know about VoC today, how to collect the voice of the customer based on your business needs, and how VoC can help power your CX for years to come.

Key Takeaways From the Report

  • While many data sources tell you what your customers do, VoC provides context by telling you why they do it.

  • Not all methods you use to engage customers for their feedback are created equal. The right engagement method is essential to collecting the right types of insights.

  • Disconnected customer insights initiatives, data silos, and low visibility for stakeholders into targeted insights are some of the internal knowledge gaps VoC can help conquer.

  • Integrating VoC into your other marketing technologies (like web analytics) can be a powerful complement that helps paint a clearer picture of your CX.

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