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The personal care brand is transforming every customer interaction into a meaningful connection with Emplifi's help

Founded in the United States in 1990, personal care brand Bath & Body Works now operates worldwide, offering its range of fragrances and skincare products.

Their goal: Scaling to meet customers where they are

Today, customers require more one-on-one attention and support. It’s clear why direct, conversational messaging has only grown. When a customer can open a conversation and resolve a specific issue without having to exit the communication flow, that’s thoughtful CX. For Bath & Body Works Arabia, this is made possible with Emplifi Community.

"Our mission is to transform every interaction into a meaningful connection, going beyond resolving queries to truly understanding and anticipating our customers' needs. This approach creates an environment where customers feel heard, valued, and engaged, deepening trust and loyalty."<br/>— Mahmoud Zammar, Marketing Executive, Bath & Body Works Arabia

The shift towards "always-on and everywhere" availability, especially on social media, resulted in a 25% growth in Bath & Body Works’ community size in 2023.

As a leader in the personal care space, the brand looked at this influx as an opportunity, outfitting its social media channels with a strategy focused on customer care efficiency, resulting in a 38% reduction in response time from 2022 to 2023, compared to the previous period.

Their solution: Placing customer experience at the core 

Bath & Body Works Arabia's commitment to timely and meaningful digital communication is integral to nurturing customer relationships and fostering loyalty. With centralized operations and efficient access to direct message conversations via Emplifi's community management tool, they ensure that no customer query, concern, or appreciation goes unanswered.

In 2023, Mahmoud Zammar (Marketing Executive at Bath & Body Works Arabia) and his team strategically incorporated Emplifi's answer templates into their community management approach. This addition significantly improved their team's efficiency, prompting them to set a more ambitious goal of responding to all customer inquiries within seven hours. These tools prove especially invaluable during peak periods, such as during sales campaigns and holidays, when online customer activity is concentrated. Zammar highlights their effectiveness during Ramadan when the team operates on reduced hours, emphasizing the importance of speed and efficiency. 

At the same time, Emplifi's Link in Bio tool facilitated enhanced influencer collaboration, leading to an over 25% growth in followers on their social media profiles, as well as contributing to an increase in website traffic.  

The seamless integration of social channels further elevated their online visibility, aligning with Bath & Body Works Arabia's dedication to data-driven decision-making, as seen in their content strategy. Regularly analyzing performance metrics and replicating successful campaigns, such as their Reels content that reached an impressive 800,000 viewers in the Saudi market, underscores their commitment to customer engagement and brand growth. This approach, supported by Emplifi's all-encompassing platform, has proven pivotal to their success.

"For Bath & Body Works, embracing digital transformation was essential. It's more than just using technology as a tool; it's about speaking the language of our times to connect deeply with our customers. It's ‘the blend of technology and personal touch that defines our customer success experience." — Mahmoud Zammar, Marketing Executive, Bath & Body Works Arabia

Their success: Empowering direct conversations that drive purchase intent

When conversations start in a place as comfortable and accessible as social, a new opportunity also arises: re-engagement. Agents are available to not only provide excellent post-purchase care but can also influence the decision-making process. Bath & Body Works Arabia sees the true value of removing friction in the buyer journey, whereby agents answer questions, recognize intent, and offer personalized recommendations in the same workflow.

The data confirms it. When a user is redirected to an eCommerce portal by an agent, the frictionless journey results in, on average, a lower bounce rate and better CTR compared to paid campaigns. In 2023, Bath & Body Works Arabia experienced an average CTR of 1.13%, while the average for Facebook ads in the same region for the same period was 0.77%, according to Emplifi data.

Now, their agents are empowered to take on another powerful dimension: revenue generation.

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