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Discover new advancements in Query, YouTube publishing, Community, and SSO

Go deep when Listening - unleash powerful advancements in Queries

Emplifi’s latest update changes the way you interact with the Listening query sets and queries. Now, your query set is no longer the main entity to configure but can also be used as a means to organize and manage searches.

Get greater precision with advanced Query capabilities - listen, analyze and take action!

  • Each query can have its own filters and sources configured - Do you focus on specific regions but don’t want to lose track of the global level? Setup a query per region, apply the country or language filters and analyze the results for those queries together in one view.

  • Queries can be assigned to query sets for a better organization - Do you split your queries geographically, per brand, or by topic you’re after? We help you categorize them in a query set according to your desired structure. You can also assign one query to multiple query sets.

  • Control the status of every individual query - Get granular with your queries. You always have the option to pause one of many queries within a query set. You have full control of the status of every individual query to really fine-tune your search.

  • Aggregate results from multiple queries or query sets - Aggregate and string queries together - only your imagination is the limit.  In this release, you can now combine the queries freely as well as combine the query sets to provide a complete aggregated set of results.  Go from simple queries to complex, sophisticated data mining by combining query sets.

  • Listen more precisely - We've almost doubled the characters available for your keywords when listening to Twitter and the Web. You can now enter keywords up to ~1900 characters together. (Please note that filters like country, language, or profile inclusion/exclusion decrease the number of characters available for keywords). If you rely only on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, the limited number of characters are not an issue.

  • More available profiles - Similarly, we have increased the total number of profiles available for exclusion on Twitter from 25 to dozens of profiles (please note:  this is dynamic so we cannot be 100% precise). This allows you to remove the unwanted mentions from owned profiles.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Listening tools, please contact your customer success manager for more information.

Easier Way to Centralize, Manage and Publish YouTube content

With this release, Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud extends full support for YouTube scheduling and publishing to centralize all your team content creation and distribution!

Centralized Content Planning: View YouTube videos side by side with scheduled content in an omnichannel calendar

Robust Approval Flows: Make sure your videos receive the right approval before going out through an intuitive approval process

Maintain Complete Control over Content: with ability to apply specific control. The selection range of time applies globally and now includes:

  • Ability to schedule and publish YouTube videos from Publisher

  • Schedule a video for more YouTube channels or a combination of YouTube and other social networks in one multi-post

  • Custom thumbnail, title, and description for each video post

  • Ability to assign videos to YouTube categories or your own Playlists while scheduling

  • Select the standard set of YouTube video properties (video visibility, Tags, license type, Embedding permission, Subscribers notification, language of video, recording date)

  • Ability to mark if the video is suitable for children (YouTube Kids platform)

  • Upload a subtitles file for the video's main language

Get the most of our your YouTube content with better control from start to publish

If you are interested in obtaining more information about optimizing Community management, please contact your customer success manager for more information.

Access and Leverage Community Data through APIs

Leverage our data across other parts of your ecosystem

As an open, extensible platform, Emplifi’s Social Marketing Cloud Enterprise further extends its API to support the access and/or export data from our Community module in order to perform custoto integrate data with other applications (CRM, ticketing system, customer engagement platforms, etc.) so you can perform additional data analysis.

Messages and metrics Community data can be obtained and pulled through the API, with the ability to apply filters on data criteria such as:

  • incoming vs. sent

  • profile

  • label

  • message type

  • time range

Contact your customer success manager if you need any help in understanding the APIs for your custom data and analytics initiatives.

Manage Twitter retweet permissions for better governance and control

Monitoring and managing your brand is a 24x7 effort today, and empowering teams with the authority to retweet is an important responsibility.  In this release, community managers can now set the right level of permissions for teams, advisors, or agents to make sure retweeting is managed by the right trained, capable staff.

In this release, you can:

  • Can set permissions based on role/agent in “Roles and Permissions” section

  • Permission is propagated to all necessary places

  • Needs to be implemented in old community and mobile as well

  • Managers with limited permissions will be informed why they have limited retweet authority as is the case for other actions

The existing ALT text support has a limitation to the lowest limit, with right now is LinkedIn 120 chars. As the clients are growing more mature with this alt text options the demand outgrown this limitation and it's requested to keep the limit per platform - meaning the 120chars will not be the limit for every platform, but every platform will have the correct limit.

Better Optimize SEO with ALT Text

SEO optimization is critical for every marketing team. In this release, the Alt Text limit for Facebook and Twitter now support the extended (current) limits set by Facebook / Twitter in the customized mode.

Note that the character limits in the common mode are still 120 (which is LinkedIn limit), so you can still use this feature in the common mode or opt to use extended Alt Text limits in customized mode.

Alt Text still works for single photo posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and multi-photo posts on Facebook and Twitter. (Note: the LinkedIn API doesn't support MultiPhoto posts at this time).

Single Sign-On Self-service

Ease and simplification through self-service

Emplifi is fully committed to the security and protection, and provides the ability to log in to the Emplifi Social Marketing platform via Single Sign-On (SSO) providers such as Okta, Onelogin, and others. 

To make the SSO integration more straightforward, this release now offers improvement in SSO through self-service.  Rather than contacting the Emplifi Support team, you can set up the integration directly in the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud platform.

If you would like to integrate our platform with your SSO provider, please visit our help center for step-by-step instructions found at here.

Filter data by Country (Paid and Dashboard paid widgets)

Social media managers can now filter content by country in Paid as well as in Paid flexible widgets.  You can filter data by country (based on results, not targeting) or by a list of countries to show ad results for a specific region or country to help you better understand and manage engagement in a more focused way. This deeper understanding of knowing where your customer is helps build long-lasting, meaningful and financially rewarding relationships.

Audience view- click from charts to Hub Ad Feed

As a social media Manager, you want to be able quickly analyze spikes in Paid charts and see what ads are behind it. 

With the implementation of click-throughs in the Audience view, you are now able to click on the country charts in this view to analyze performance per country in more detail.

You can easily analyze your paid activities in-depth and see which ads caused spikes or troughs that you see in the charts. This way it is possible to identify not only in which countries your ads perform but also what ads contribute to those changes the most.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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