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Email Virtual Assistant (EVA)

Accelerate response time with first-of-its-kind email automation

Emplifi’s award-winning Email Virtual Assistant (EVA) provides real-time transcription, analysis, and personalized email responses with incredible speed and consistency.

Save time without losing the human touch

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Personalized customer responses

Innovative customer experience automation

No more email black holes

Integrate EVA into case management workflows

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Next-level email automation

Option to review before sending

Guarantee ROI with outcome-based pricing

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5x faster response of customer emails

Processing measured in seconds

More time for complex support tasks

Use EVA with your existing case management setup

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Natively integrated case management capabilities

Professional services to meet your needs

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Power great customer service and care experiences. See how Emplifi Service Cloud can help.
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Just some of our recent awards

MarTech Breakthrough Awards 2023 - Emplifi (Influencer Marketing Innovation Award)
Emplifi -  AI Breakthrough Awards 2023 - Best Text Generative AI Solution
Award - G2: Users Love Us
Award - G2: Leader (Fall 2023)
Award - G2: Easiest to Use (Fall 2023)
Award - G2: Easiest Setup (Fall 2023)
Emplifi - TrustRadius Best of 2023 Badge
Emplifi - TrustRadius Best Value for Price 2023 Badge
CUSTOMER Contact Center Technology Award 2023