Top image: 10 LGBTQ+ marketers to follow on social media in 2024

Evelyn Taylor, Community Manager, Emplifi

10 LGBTQ+ marketers to follow on social media in 2024

In celebration of Pride Month, we’re spotlighting 10 LGBTQ+ marketers actively supporting and empowering the community.

In recent years, the journey of LGBTQ+ individuals in the workplace has been marked by both progress and persistent challenges. Reflecting on the strides made in diversity and inclusion, it's also important to acknowledge the obstacles that continue to shape the experiences of LGBTQ+ professionals — including discrimination, bias, lack of representation in leadership, and systemic barriers to career advancement. According to a survey from the Williams Institute at UCLA, 46% of LGBTQ+ workers have experienced unfair treatment at work, and more than a third have looked for a new job as a result of feeling unwelcome in the workplace.

Amid the challenges, there are voices of empowerment and authenticity within the LGBTQ+ marketing community. These individuals are reshaping the narrative of inclusivity, inspiring other LGBTQ+ professionals navigating their marketing careers and enriching the industry with diverse perspectives.

Representation matters, and these 10 marketers are leading by example as they share their experiences and amplify voices of the LGBTQ+ community. Give them a follow!

1. Matt Skallerud

He/Him | Follow Matt on LinkedIn

Matt serves as the president of Pink Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in connecting companies with the LGBTQ+ audience through innovative online strategies and campaigns. A dynamic leader with nearly 30 years of experience in LGBTQ+ marketing, Matt is well-known for his “#ILoveGay Today” social media videos featuring conversations with creators and other voices from the LGBTQ+ community.

2. Rocio Sanchez 

Any pronouns | Follow Rocio on LinkedIn and check out

With a wealth of expertise in digital marketing and branding, Rocio empowers queer entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color to navigate their professional landscapes with confidence. Leveraging their multicultural background and lived experiences, Rocio uses marketing to champion diversity and empower marginalized communities in business. Rocio also shares resources and advice on social media to support LGBTQ+ professionals within their network.

3. Pat Timmons

He/Him | Follow Pat on LinkedIn

Marketing manager at Webflow and social media consultant at We Are Rosie, Pat is a versatile professional with experience across the marketing field and beyond. In 2021, Pat authored the book "Feel Something," urging marketers to adopt empathy and foster trust within their brand communities. Through his online presence, Pat encourages empathetic marketing and shares his best practices for marketers looking to create more impactful, authentic campaigns.

4. Robyn Streisand

She/Her | Follow Robyn on LinkedIn

Boasting decades of experience in digital marketing and a steadfast commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Robyn pioneers revolutionary strategies that redefine the industry. Robyn is the founder and CEO of both TITANIUM worldwide™ and The Mixx, frequently sharing how these agencies work to support the LGBTQ+ community, opportunities for her network to do the same, and her personal experiences in the marketing industry.

5. RJ Johnson

They/Them | Follow RJ on LinkedIn

With an MBA and a background in creative writing, RJ brings a diverse skill set to the marketing industry encompassing both business expertise and creative flair. Currently serving as Content Producer at SE2, RJ also uses their social media presence to shed light on challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community

6. Jennifer Whitfield

She/Her | Follow Jennifer on LinkedIn

Jennifer (Jen) is a vibrant marketing professional with a passion for supporting small businesses and empowering marketing leaders. Beyond her professional endeavors, Jen is actively involved in mentoring, volunteering, and advocating for diversity and inclusion within her community. On LinkedIn, you’ll find her sparking discussions on trends, busting marketing myths, and explaining industry jargon.

7. Evan Patterson

He/Him | Follow Evan on LinkedIn

An LGBTQ+ & mental health advocate, Evan is also a skilled business development and marketing professional with a keen focus on SaaS, startups, and philanthropy. With a wealth of consulting and marketing experience, Evan is dedicated to helping brands authentically connect with diverse communities and succeed in dynamic ways. Evan is widely recognized as a thought leader on social media, sharing his best practices and authentic experiences while also amplifying the voices of his community.

8. Jennifer Rhiannon Lewis

She/Her | Follow Jennifer on LinkedIn

Jennifer is CEO and Co-Founder of Lex, a social app connecting the LGBTQ+ community through groups, events, and in-app conversations. The app was featured on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in 2024, and Jennifer boasts several marketing effectiveness and creative awards for her industry impact. Jennifer is passionate about driving growth for tech companies prioritizing women’s health and the LGBTQ+ community.

9. Lee Moskowitz

He/Him | Follow Lee on LinkedIn

Lee is a seasoned growth marketer with a wealth of experience in both agency and startup environments. Specializing in growth marketing and full-funnel strategies, Lee describes himself as a “Get ‘stuff’ done” marketer who combines creativity with analytics to get results. In addition to his growth role at SmartPass, Lee hosts “Lee2B: The SaaSiest Podcast for B2B,” combining knowledge, inspiration, and humor through discussions with B2B professionals.

10. Ben Cicchetti

He/Him | Follow Ben on LinkedIn

Ben is a seasoned marketing leader at InfoSum, spearheading its global marketing strategy since 2018. With over a decade in the technology sector, he drives brand awareness and customer loyalty for InfoSum's innovative data collaboration and data clean room technology. Ben uses his social media presence to share his opinions about trends and content circulating throughout the marketing world, and advocates for brand support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Though LGBTQ+ individuals encounter many unique hurdles frequently overlooked by the broader professional community, advocacy and diversity-oriented initiatives have begun to pave the way for positive change. These marketers (and many others) are trailblazers for the LGBTQ+ community, navigating professional challenges while leading by example for their networks. 

Pride Month celebrates progress and resilience. Engaging with leaders like these on social media provides a way to show support while deepening your understanding of the LGBTQ+ professional landscape.

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