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The top pet influencers to follow on social media

One reason that influencer marketing can be effective is because the audience already trusts and likes the person they’re following. And who’s more likeable and trustworthy than man’s best friend?

In many ways, animals rule the internet, and that’s true in influencer marketing, too. Around the world, dogs, cats, and more – though not too many lions, tigers, and bears – have built up sizable audiences on social media platforms. That built-in following has led to many great marketing opportunities for brands to reach their target audience.

Whether you’re a brand looking to add some cute to your campaign or just someone who wants more pets in their social media feed, these are some of the best pet influencers to follow on social media:

Top dog influencers


With more than 30 million followers across his social media channels, Jiffpom is the most followed pet on social media.

The Pomeranian first came to fame by setting a couple of world records for running on either his front or hind legs, and then in 2014 he appeared in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video, which has been viewed nearly three billion times on YouTube. It’s been smooth sailing since then, as many brands have forged successful partnerships with the most notable influencer in the game.

Doug The Pug

If you’re talking about the best animal influencers, there's no way of skipping Doug. He has a People's Choice award, he’s a former Instagrammer of the Year, he attends red carpet events, and hangs out with A-list celebrities while wearing custom-made Versace gowns.

He's basically living the life we can only dream of, while enternating the 20 million followers he has across all social media platforms by posing in cute outfits and ridiculous scenarios. Doug is definitely a must-follow!

Bosco and His Big Stick

Looking for a wiener with a big stick to follow on Instagram? You’ve come to the right place. Bosco may be on the small side, but it’s safe to say his bite is definitely bigger than his bark.

This furry little dude can be spotted carrying tree branches around town. Be sure to follow this page to see what Bosco and friends are up to.

Popeye the Foodie Dog

Popeye is like that friend we all have – always excited and good-looking. And hungry. The LA-based former stray pup is now living life to the fullest – dressing up, traveling, and going to nice restaurants. That means his followers are surely in for a treat so be sure to follow to soak up the cuteness and learn about the best pet-friendly dining spots in California.

Jax the Husky

This fussy husky is named Jax. With his beautiful multi-colored eyes you’ll be mesmerized. He’s handsome, charming, and gets along with the ladies. Spice up your feed with this Game of Thrones look-alike.

Tucker The Golden Retriever

If you follow Tucker on Instagram, you're signing up for a daily dose of cuteness and humor as the daily content releases feature the handsome golden retriever and hekkin Linda – a role played by his owner. If 15-second stories aren't enough for your daily dose of Tucker, he's also the star of his own YouTube channel.

But the golden's empire doesn't stop there. To take the fandom to the next level, Tucker's owners have also created an app – TuckerMoji – where fans can get GIFs and emojis featuring their favorite dog influencer.

Madame Eyebrows

#EyebrowsOnFleek just got a new meaning, and they are 100% nat-ur-al. Luna, aka Madame Eyebrows, has the squishiest and poutiest face you have ever seen. Once you lock eyes with this beautiful Bully you won’t be able to do anything but follow.

Top Cat Influencers


If you think cats are lazy, think again. This special cat can cook, bake, cut, mix, and marinade. Whether it's cute desserts or savory meat marination, this cat serves culinary TikToks for all of its 1.1 million followers and even has the potential to beat the brands that rule on TikTok.

@thatlittlepuff Apple? Owl? Apple-owl 😝😝😝 #thatlittlepuff #meowchef #cookingcat #food #recipes #kitchen #cutie #catsoftiktok ♬ 原聲 - ThatLittlePuff

Nala Cat

Nala is a true Instagram success story. After being given up for adoption, Nala’s new owner created an Instagram account in order to share with friends and family.

One book, one brand of cat food, a world record, and more than four million followers later, Nala is the most followed cat on Instagram and the 10-year-old Siamese-Persian mix is still going strong.

Venus the Two Face Cat

Being called two-faced usually isn’t a good thing, but for this tortoiseshell feline it’s just accurate. Venus’ look is so unique that National Geographic, among many other outlets, has spent time trying to explain her look, which mesmerizes millions of followers across all of her platforms.

Smoothie the Cat

Dubbed by US Weekly as “the world’s most photogenic cat”, Smoothie is the self-proclaimed Queen of Fluff. Looking at the above photo, it’s hard to argue either point.

Cole and Marmalade

These two adopted siblings entertain their followers with silly antics that often come paired with bits of education, like the above video on what different cat sounds mean or their messages to get your pets spayed and neutered. But for the most part, they star in the type of cat videos that the internet has come to know and love.

Top pet influencers (non-dog or cat division)

Chipmunks of TikTok

Ever wondered how many nuts a chipmunk can fit in its mouth? A lot. And here’s proof.

@chipmunksoftiktok Dinky#foru #animal #cuteness #nature #chipmunk ♬ original sound - Chipmunks of TikTok

Meet Dinky, a special chipmunk who loves all kinds of nuts. Dinky is never shy whenever its neighbor comes with his favorite nuts. This video alone has gained over nine million likes and 100 million views on TikTok.


No pet could ever show a clearer way to wash your hands. It really is Corona Time and this hamster breaks it down step by step on how to stay safe by washing hands and wearing a mask. 

@hamstarz He is doing all he can to stop the spread of Corona.....are you?😉 (Tips from CDC) 👍🏻 #hamster #corona #cdc ♬ Its Corona Time - Red Knight

Juniper Fox & Friends

While Juniper is the main attraction, this feed is full of different critters. Foxes, a chinchilla, an opossum and more await as people follow along the domestic goings-on of one big, happy animal family.


Meet George, who loves to eat, play, and unbox. He’s a famous monkey influencer on TikTok who loves to play with his best friend and open packages. In this video, George opens a gift from the Coldest Water company and this video gained over 2.8 million views. It also includes a promo code for viewers, showing that brands partner with pet influencers similar to how they work with people influencers.

@heresyourmonkeycontent “Gotta refer back to the instruction manual there” 😂😂😂 THANK YOU @thecoldestwater for the gift! Use code “MONKEYMAN” for 10% off #thecoldestwater ♬ original sound - Georgie Boy

Jill The Squirrel

Rescued after Hurricane Isaac, Jill found a home and became an unlikely Instagram star over the years since then. Her feed often features photos in her signature tiara, or just laying around the house eating nuts.

Esther The Wonder Pig

Esther’s owners thought they were getting “micro” pig. About 600 pounds later, she outgrew their original home but by then she was part of the family so they all moved to a bigger place.

And Esther just keeps on getting bigger and better, as her story is in the works of being turned into a Hollywood movie.

Top pet influencer at Socialbakers (now Emplifi)

Oliver Knight

Pets are a part of life for employees at Socialbakers (now Emplifi) all around the world, including several at our Prague office. But Ollie is the one who is most often called on to star in videos letting people know about how great it is to work in a dog-friendly office or even to illustrate how we worked to make the office safe to work in amid the pandemic.

The takeaway

If you didn’t audibly “aww” at least once while looking through that list, we might need to check your pulse. For everyone else, this shows how effective pet influencers can be at grabbing an audience’s attention, and maybe even keeping it for more than a split second.

Now, are you ready to learn even more about how to let AI pick the right influencers for your audience? Get started with Emplifi today!

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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