Emplifi - Key Learnings From Our State of Influencer Marketing 2023 Report

Phil Aussant — Editor-In-Chief, Emplifi

2 (of the many) key learnings from our State of Influencer Marketing 2023 report

See what we uncovered from our first-party data, as well as a survey of more than 160 influencers

Influencer marketing spending is forecasted to reach over $7 billion by 2024 in the United States alone. It's clear that brands are seeing the benefits that partnering with influencers can bring. Having the right insights at the right time is critical to building a solid influencer marketing optimization strategy that drives results.

Our latest report, "The State of Influencer Marketing 2023," aims to give you those insights.

Backed by Emplifi's first-party data, including findings from a survey of more than 160 influencers, The State of Influencer Marketing 2023 dives into several topics to help you take your influencer marketing strategy to the next level, including: 

  • Influencer behavior and preferences

  • The highest-performing social channels and media types for influencer content

  • Sponsored content trends and posting habits by influencers based on the size of their following

  • The potential impact influencer partnerships can bring brands across various industries

  • A quick look at the shift toward AI and virtual reality, including virtual influencers

Here's a sneak peek at just some of the findings from our research, and be sure to download our full report for more exclusive findings to power your influencer marketing efforts in 2023 and beyond.

Instagram Reels usage has skyrocketed 241% year-over-year

It's no secret that short-form video is dominating. People want it, and as our research found, it's clear that brands and influencers are adapting to these demands.

Looking specifically at Instagram Reels usage, the proportion of brands and celebrities leveraging it increased 241% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023, with a notable increase in Q3 2022 across all categories analyzed. 

Key learning: When exploring new influencer partnerships or how you can expand your current ones, short-form videos should always remain top-of-mind.

The potential reach of influencer marketing across all industries is undeniable

The main goal of an influencer marketing campaign is to give you the ability to reach a broader audience that your other marketing efforts might not (at least, not easily). But how much can partnering with the right influencer affect your reach? Emplifi data shows the impact is notable across all industries examined. 

This was especially seen for brands in the Accommodation, Healthcare, and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods — Food sectors. Our research shows that influencers who partnered with these brands had audience sizes over 15x higher than the brands themselves. In the report, we also dive into the level of engagement brands see from partnering with influencers, which again shows some interesting discrepancies across different industries.

Key learning: If your current marketing mix doesn't include influencer marketing, you could be missing out on reaching and engaging with new audiences that other marketing methods may not be able to help you with.


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The State of Influencer Marketing 2023

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