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Liberty Bank invests in the customer experience

Why Emplifi, as a long-term data and marketing partner, makes the difference for the customer-centric financial brand.

For the financial services sector, the benefit of real-time social media engagement can’t be underestimated. Handling customer concerns is often a main priority, but there’s definitely more action happening on these channels than routine case management.

Liberty Bank, a private bank in Georgia and the third largest in the country is definitely a financial brand that’s found its footing on social media. The bank’s 1.5 million clients comprise approximately 30% of Georgia's entire population. With this amount of coverage, their responsibility to the community can be a challenge, and an opportunity.

For them, social media is a place to not only execute timely and personalized customer care, but also nurture brand love. To do this well at scale, they rely on data to tell the whole story.

Data-driven strategy drives tangible business results

Understanding customers’ needs is at the heart of any solid strategy. This is often easier said than done, especially if brands lack the infrastructure and data to be proactive in their decisions and engagement.

Liberty Bank has turned to Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud as their partner in this arena. Data-savvy and human-centric, the brand is constantly growing and improving relationships online.

As Tini Osephashvili, Head of Social Media at Liberty Bank, said: "It was and still is our top priority to improve social customer care. Time-saving and customer-centric dashboards improve our ability to understand our customer’s needs, especially in times of COVID-19."

When time is of the essence, the social media team lets technology in on the job. Tini continued, "While our social media marketing team and resources are still growing, we rely on the power of AI to make the right choices in the shortest time to optimize our resources. While achieving our goals, we enjoy watching how we grow in time, and how our efforts towards our content and community change the sentiment towards our company."

Actionable insights beat time-consuming manual reporting

For Liberty Bank, the depth and breadth of insights from Emplifi continue to make the difference. Tini said, "The most important thing that I love about Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud is that it gives you a variety of powerful tools to make data-driven and customer-centric decisions. We just added paid analytics and reporting to our solution, and I have to say, it’s been my favorite so far. Paid Analytics helps you to look at your cost strategy in different ways."

When data is actionable and accessible, great ideas flourish. The automation of reporting leaves the team with more time and energy for the good stuff: trying new things, creating interesting content, and connecting with audiences. Tini said:

"For me and my team, Emplifi is a go-to solution for problem-solving – we save a lot of time on routine reporting, so we have more resources to carry out experiments or focus on content and relationships with our customers."

A trustworthy data partner makes the difference

When selecting a social media marketing solution, it’s key to consider how a long-term partner will grow alongside your brand and its needs. Which solution will not only support your success today, but also innovate ahead of the market? This is truly a partnership worth investing in.

Tini Osephashvili recalls how her relationship with Emplifi has grown over the years. She said, "I remember the first steps Emplifi took in social media marketing – while I was taking my first steps in social media too. Throughout my professional journey, it became my main source of reliable information, meaningful data, and interesting insights about worldwide trends, strategy options, and the main metrics in social media marketing."

Focusing beyond just their own profiles, Liberty Bank also relies on quick and agile benchmarking. Working with Emplifi helps them easily turn the lens outward and take advantage of the largest dataset on the market.

Tini said, "Tracking our competitors with benchmarking allows us to take a closer look at how we’re growing during our transformation process, and how it affects the sector and overall market. I have researched quite a few similar social media marketing solutions for competitors’ tracking and I’m proud to say – I’m still 100% sure that choosing Emplifi for Liberty Bank’s social media marketing two years ago was the right decision for our company."

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