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How Shopee transformed campaign management to drive results

The Southeast Asian e-commerce giant scales processes with a data-first workflow.

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. App Annie ranked Shopee the #1 shopping app in the region by downloads, monthly active users, and time spent in-app on Android for all of 2019.

Shopee has managed to drive outstanding results and hit their main KPIs. How? With an end-to-end workflow from content creation to execution and reporting.

While other online commerce platforms typically give the impression of more hard-sell business, Shopee runs things differently. They put their audience engagement at the center of their strategy. This approach allows them to stand out in the industry and build unique customer relationships.

A systematized approach to content management works wonders

Shopee runs multiple campaigns on various social platforms in different regions. Before, working without all activities and data gathered under one roof posed a significant challenge to their social media team.

"With several local markets under Shopee's umbrella and usage of multiple social media platforms, it quickly became clear that we needed a platform that could help consolidate all the content and their performance in one place," said Hasakgun. "Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud made it convenient and possible for us to take a systematized approach when looking at different markets."

By establishing their entire content management workflow in Emplifi, Shopee has not only improved operational efficiency and performance measurement, but also heavily influenced the number of conversions in the process.

Drilling down to success factors tunes out the noise

Shopees' large social media presence requires a reliable platform for effective cross-channel analysis.

"Before working with Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, we experienced some issues when conducting content performance analysis simply due to the huge amount of data we have," said Hasakgun.

To drive outstanding results, they had to digest and learn from data quickly and optimize their strategy – practically in real-time. This made Emplifi's centralized Content Hub, automated content labeling, and personalized dashboards crucial touchpoints for Shopee's daily workflow.

"By effectively using Emplifi's labeling function, we were able to organize the information to extract only what we needed. Additionally, we also leveraged on the content type dashboards and customized widgets to get a quick top-line understanding of content performance. This streamlined and sped up the entire working process, saving us valuable time.”

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