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Toyota Astra Motor fine-tunes the mechanics of teamwork

How the Indonesian automotive market leader closed collaboration gaps by bringing together all teams under one roof

Toyota Astra Motor is an automotive joint venture company between Toyota Motor Corporation and PT Astra International, and the best-selling car brand in Indonesia. The company is well-known for technological innovations, revolutionary thinking, and putting the idea of kaizen in everything they do. 

Toyota Astra Motor manages their immense social presence just as they create their cars: with an unconditional commitment to streamlining operations and tuning separate teams to work as one.

By choosing Emplifi as their reliable partner, they brought highly-distributed marketing activities into one centralized workplace and successfully bridged the gaps between different teams' activities. This consolidated approach has enabled Toyota Astra Motor to overcome key operational challenges, such as juggling multiple social profiles, briefing partner agencies, governing the entire content strategy, and delivering detailed performance reports. 

"Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud is Toyota Astra Motor's one-stop solution for social media maintenance and coordination," said Arief Zackie, Digital Lead Toyota Astra Motor.

With Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, they solve complex challenges in an easy, savvy way:

  • Delivering best-in-class competitive analysis, Emplifi allows Toyota Astra Motor's team to access vast competitive insights in a single view, enabling them to spot and instantly react to any industry shifts.

  • Improving collaboration between internal teams and multiple partner-agencies. Every Toyota Astra Motor regional office has the autonomy to cooperate with multiple local agencies for content creation, social media management, and paid campaigns. To avoid scattered conversations and smoothen the content ideation process, Toyota Astra Motor invited all agencies to collaborate under the Emplifi platform. Unlimited user seats come in handy for granular access permission sets, where every user has access to tools that are only relevant to their scope of work.

  • Creating a transparent and effective content governance process that benefits all, Toyota Astra Motor uses Emplifi as a primary distribution channel for all social media content. By centralizing content publishing within one platform and setting up approval workflows, they sped up their delivery on social media. Toyota Astra Motor created a one-stop solution that fits its structure, allowing all teams to collaborate on content creation and iterations and exchange feedback without delays.

  • Significantly improving their reporting methods: Customized Emplifi dashboards ensure that every regional team can quickly check main KPIs, and spot peaks and troughs in performance in real-time. Competitors overview, campaign performance, and Conversion Rate reports are automatically sent to each stakeholder on a set frequency, reducing report delivery time from a few days to mere seconds.

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