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Uniper and add2 execute an agile content strategy with a streamlined workflow and key audience insights

How a leading European energy provider and agency optimize content strategy for a global audience

Uniper is a key energy provider in Europe and a leader in the transition to clean energy. While providing supply security across its markets, Uniper is at the forefront of decarbonization, developing the hydrogen economy, and transitioning from conventional to renewable energy. The brand's social media strategy is an essential part of building Uniper's brand image, as well as communicating with customers, prospects, journalists, politicians, business partners, local citizens, and other stakeholders.

Uniper partnered with agency add2 GmbH to execute its communications program. To manage the various departments, disciplines, team members, and content areas at Uniper, the agency needed a social media solution to simplify editorial planning, coordination, approval, and execution.

Standing out from the crowd with content management across channels, departments, and organizations

The add2 team needed a way to coordinate editorial planning and content promotion within and between add2 and Uniper. The content strategy includes several workstreams for series, events, and ad hoc posting on social media, creating an overwhelming number of plans, approval processes, and executions to manage.

Additionally, Uniper wanted to reduce the share of negative comments and improve sentiment across social media channels. It also wanted to increase its followers and engagement on Twitter and LinkedIn. To ensure it was providing the right content at the right frequency to generate organic engagement, the add2 team needed a solution to gain key insights they could use to improve its content strategy.

"To make our content stand out, we need the tools to manage several workstreams and ensure we provide the best content to our audience," said Tobias Fischer, Content Marketing Director, add2 GmbH. "As we are a small team, efficiency and time savings are two key areas of improvement for enhancing our processes."

To speed up, simplify, and better organize their content management, add2 and Uniper implemented the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud. With Emplifi's customizable dashboards and real-time insights, the team could scale and optimize its content strategy across multiple social channels and markets.

Streamlining the approval process with a user-friendly platform

Emplifi enables add2 GmbH to easily coordinate its content planning, approval, and execution both internally and with Uniper.

"The streamlined coordination process is Emplifi's number one impact," said Fischer. "It saves us a lot of time. We can manage all the necessary steps centrally, from editorial planning to the coordination and approval process and ongoing analysis on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook."

Uniper and add2 now approve the content directly on the Emplifi platform. Relevant decision-makers can determine whether a department needs to review a post again or if they need to make changes based on new feedback they received, all on a user-friendly dashboard.

"Feedback can be given on all posts with just a short note and a click, and the comments are automatically sent to add2 for correction," said Thierry Tiquant, Senior Online Manager, Uniper SE. "The ability to plan when the posts go live definitely makes our daily work easier and relieves stress."

Increasing followers and engagement by knowing what the audience wants in real-time

Emplifi's Social Marketing Cloud also delivers essential insights on what content the Uniper audience wants to see. Between Uniper and add2, Emplifi's platform empowers teams to determine if they are covering all topics, target groups, or upcoming events according to the strategy. They can also see at a glance which topics performed best and tag them for the Ads team to promote.

"We are on the right track and have been able to raise the average interaction rate per post, even as our reach has increased," said Tiquant. "At the same time, we also have the highest average interaction rate per post among all our direct competitors and substantially increased our followers."

Uniper's yearly benchmarks show that the organization has improved its ranking against competitors in both followers and engagement.

"Emplifi helps us optimize our content based on our audience's interests," said Fischer. "By saving valuable time in planning, coordination, and community management, we can concentrate on the essentials and continuously develop our topics."

The takeaway

Moving forward, the add2 team is planning to address target groups at a more granular level. "With the help of Emplifi, we can continue to keep track of the more granular planning, tag posts accordingly, evaluate the results in the dashboard, and tackle optimizations accordingly," said Fischer.

As Uniper's challenges and goals have evolved along with its organizational growth, the Emplifi platform provides add2 and Uniper with everything they need for their needs. With the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud, the agency can support Uniper's global communications strategy at scale with a simple development, approval, execution, and review process.

Do you need to scale your social media content strategy across multiple social channels while having continuous access to key audience insights, schedule a demo today to speak with an Emplifi expert.

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