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Publish video carousels to IG & better analyze all your paid activities with Twitter Ads integration

Instagram Carousel Publishing available in Emplifi with full video support

We’ve incorporated Instagram’s updated publishing API, now allowing your social teams to both schedule and publish carousel posts directly from within Emplifi Publisher.

In the past, you needed a separate mobile device to make the final post. Now, you can do it all from within Emplifi Publisher.  You can even include a video in your carousel! Here’s how:

  1. Go to Publisher and press Create new Content;

  2. Select one or more Instagram Profiles from the side panel;

  3. Now, click the button to upload content assets - you can upload up to 10 videos and/or photos;

  4. Next, set display assets as “Carousel”;

  5. Set the date and the time for scheduling, just as you’re used to when you schedule a post currently;

  6. Now, the one change and final step – just click “schedule,” and you’re done! 🎊🥂

The change won’t impact any existing schedule carousels, but you can update them to publish automatically by going to edit the carousel, adjust the copy if it contains notes for manual publishing, and resave it.

Does this work for Instagram Stories too?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Instagram’s API does not currently provide automation functionality for Stories. However, you can still use our compliant mobile workflow to publish Stories on Instagram.

The Emplifi Social mobile app

Now available in both the Android and Apple app stores, our new mobile app is built upon the flexibility of our mobile site with push notifications to help your teams better manage scheduled posts on the go.

Specifically, we designed the app with Instagram Stories in mind. Now with mobile push notifications, the user assigned to post the story will be alerted at the appropriate time. With one quick click, the assets and notes needed to publish are downloaded automatically.

Here’s an example of the enhanced workflow:

  • You’ll schedule like normal in the mobile Emplifi suite, including assigning a user for the final step.

  • When it’s time to publish, the assigned user will get an alert on their mobile device from the Emplifi Social app.

  • With one tap, our app downloads images and opens Instagram

  • Post your story with your pre-approved copy like usual, and you’re done!

In addition, our mobile app allows users to post content from wherever they are, such as a large event or conference. Posts from the Emplifi Social app follow the same Approval Flows process you’ve set up on your account, ensuring content falls in line with your company’s policies.

We’ve also enabled Community Inbox in the app, allowing social media managers to quickly engage with their social audience. You can also quickly export your favorite Emplifi dashboards from the app for a mobile-friendly view.

Listening Yearly Cap

We heard from you. We listened. 

Emplifi Listening plans are now on a yearly allowance. This is a change from our previous monthly-based allowances. The switch to a yearly limit allows teams to distribute queries throughout the year according to their unique needs without major limitations. For example, some teams may want to use their entire yearly allowance to monitor a few time-specific campaigns or significant events.

We’re also rolling out updated alerts to help you control the pace of your mention spending and adjust queries if needed. All users with Listening edit rights will be notified via email and in-product when your account reaches 50%, 75%, 80%, 90% and 100% of your subscription yearly limit. 

If needed, those notifications can be turned off individually in the notification section in Settings.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the UI for users building queries to help them understand how their assigned filters may impact your spending limit. Each step of the query setting process will now display a progress bar showing your account’s total mentions allowance, how much you’ve already used, and the possible impact of your current query settings.

For Twitter-based mentions, we’re including information about how many mentions would have been collected in the last 30 days. Twitter typically generates most of an account’s mentions, so you can use this number to estimate the expected amount of data for your query.

If running the query hits the yearly limit, the progress bar turns red, and an on-hover informs you about the number of mentions spent and available. In this situation, you may want to go back and narrow your search further.

If you choose to proceed, a pop-up window will again alert you of the impact of the query. Users can then run the query anyway or go back and change the settings.

Listening update: Filter admin content or UGC

In this release, we also addressed feedback from clients who wanted more granular results with mentions, specifically on Facebook. When setting up a listening query, you can now add a filter to see only user generated content made on your page, such as wall posts and comments. 

Additionally, you can set a filter on your Listening query to monitor brand content only, filtering out user generated content. You can apply both filters to all Facebook mentions or to specific profiles only.

Twitter Ads Integration to help you analyze all your paid activities

Paid reporting across your social channels just got easier!

With the addition of Twitter Ads analytics, your team will be able to monitor paid performance across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This allows marketing directors and campaign managers to quickly understand overall spending across multiple social media platforms so they can make smart cross-platform decisions to maximize your ROI.

In Paid Analytics, three views will support Twitter: Paid Insight Overview, Social Platform and Table view. In table view alone, you can view 30+ Twitter metrics.

Trigger surveys and get the Voice of your Customer in just a single click

We’re adding more options for sending video and images in direct messages, giving your community managers greater flexibility in how they respond to customers. 

Voice of Customer clients who also use Social Marketing Cloud can now use answer templates to send quick, solicited surveys directly from Community Inbox. This allows you to survey your social media audience on how your product is helping them or how your customer service could improve.

Results are then made available in the same place they’ve always been, right inside the VoC platform, allowing managers to track and compare results from Community Inbox alongside data from Emplifi Agent and Emplifi Bot.

Track, publish and engage with YouTube & Community Inbox

Publish, track and now engage directly with your YouTube audience, all from within the Emplifi platform.

YouTube is being added as a source inside Community Inbox for more efficient community engagement across all the social platforms you manage. We’re also adding YouTube into our flexible Community Widget, so you can track response time and agents’ performance.

Google Data Studio Connector in Emplifi Community

With this release, Emplifi Community and Google Data Studio now work hand in hand so you can optimize your business intelligence and import data from Emplifi Community directly into your report. Combine it with data from other sources and build rich data visualizations.

You can use the Google Data Studio connector directly via our public API. Get started now.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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