25 top brands to watch in 2023

Community-driven marketing techniques and high-quality products are the two most important ingredients to stand out as a brand in any industry. Check out 25 brands we're loving at Pixlee TurnTo in 2023 and why they should be on your radar as both a consumer and a marketer.

1. Girlfriend Collective

screenshot of Girlfriend Collective website

Girlfriend Collective isn't just trendy, it's also an incredibly environmentally-conscious and body-positive apparel brand that deserves all of the hype it gets. Made from recycled materials, Girlfriend Collective's leggings, pants, intimates, dresses, tops, athleisure, and more are available in sizes XXS to 6XL. Customers can even turn in older pieces of clothing that are worn out or don't fit and receive store credit as Girlfriend Collective remakes that clothing into a brand-new piece! 

2. Vuori

screenshot of Vuori website

There are a lot of options in the world of athleisure, and Vuori definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, quality, style, and ethical production. Drawing inspiration from an "active California lifestyle," this Encinitas-based brand sells various lines of sweatpants, joggers, sports bras, and other performance apparel often praised by creators and consumers on social media (like TikTok).

3. Celsius

Screenshot of Celsius Website home page

In recent years, Celsius has become a household name for consumers seeking a burst of energy and refreshment for their workouts. The beverage's thermogenic properties increase metabolism, consequently boosting the amount of calories burned during exercise. Along with championing a healthy lifestyle, Celsius fosters a global sense of community through its social media campaigns and brand ambassador program.


Screenshot of BAGGU website

Trendy and fun is the name of the game for BAGGU, with a collection of colorful, diverse bags — from totes to cross-body purses — available for purchase on the brand's site. Retailers like Urban Outfitters sell pieces from this environmentally-friendly bag brand, which also has its own retail locations in SoHo, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. Check out their playful, vibrant site for more.

5. Mitchell & Ness

Screenshot of Mitchell & Ness website

Starting as a sporting goods brand, Mitchell & Ness now offers vintage, authentic jerseys and apparel collections for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA and MLS. Last year, sports apparel retailer Fanatics purchased Mitchell & Ness, and the company's latest collaborations include a limited-time Fenty x Mitchell & Ness collection alongside Rihanna.

6. Whoop

Screenshot of Whoop website

Whoop's wearable technology promotes an active, healthy lifestyle to help consumers optimize both their training and sleeping habits. Spotlighted by popular news outlets like CNN, Whoop products even monitor heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, and oxygen levels to give users a broader picture of their health from several perspectives.

7. Stanley

Screenshot of Stanley website

When we say "Stanley cup," we're not talking about the hockey trophy — Stanley's iconic tumblers are taking TikTok and Instagram by storm, often named one of the hottest products this year among Gen Zers. Stanley takes customer service a step further by consistently interacting with shoppers in their Q&A sections and featuring authentic reviews from customers in emails.

8. Rooms To Go

Screenshot of Rooms To Go website

Partnering with Julianne Hough and Cindy Crawford to create their own unique online collections, Rooms To Go is your one-stop shop for affordable furniture and accents. Working with these celebrities targets both millennials and Gen Xers looking to spice up their homes, and the brand consistently shares decor inspiration on its Instagram.


screenshot of NOBULL website

Fashion and apparel retailer NOBULL's mission is all about "no excuses," empowering its fans to train hard and stay healthy. We love how the brand isn't just for pro athletes or gym enthusiasts, touting a community built of "employees, customers, ambassadors, first responders, teachers," and more. Community is the name of the game for this brand, and NOBULL even offers in-person events for customers to connect and train in a motivating environment.

10. Faherty Brand

Screenshot of Faherty website

Like Vuori with a slightly more beachy, surfer aesthetic, Faherty's apparel for men and women is all about comfort and "good vibes." These comfy pieces are produced sustainably, and Faherty partners with several companies with a mission to protect the Earth, like 1% for the Planet.

11. Bloomscape

screenshot of bloomscape website

For our plant lovers, Bloomscape offers a wide range of plants as well as care tips and tricks for new plant owners looking to cultivate their green thumbs. When you think of online shopping, plants may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, Bloomscape holds itself to high standards when it comes to care, even offering easy delivery for tree-sized plants straight to your door.

12. Calzedonia

screenshot of Calzedonia website

Worn and loved by big-time influencers like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, Italian fashion brand Calzedonia is most well-known for its praised sheer tights. Offering a variety of apparel types for men, women, and children, Calzedonia also maintains an impressive Instagram presence. Check out some of the brand's highlights on Instagram, from its leather product collection to Calzedonia's commitment to sustainable fashion.

13. Sunday Riley

screenshot of Sunday Riley website

If you spend any time on TikTok, you'll notice the massive rise of skincare products and daily routines promoting healthy skin. Sunday Riley's website is a skincare lover's heaven, letting site visitors shop by ingredient (AHA, Retinol, Vitamin C, and more) and even have a video consultation to build a personalized skincare plan. The best part? Sunday Riley is female-owned, sustainable, and cruelty-free. That's the kind of mission we love from a brand.

14. aerie

screenshot of aerie website

Intimate and lifestyle apparel brand aerie champions body positivity through its comfort-first, trendy undergarments and loungewear. The brand's #AerieReal ambassador program urges customers from all backgrounds to make a change by joining their team and sharing their stories. In just a few minutes of perusing the aerie website, you'll find some of the coziest apparel showcased on all body types. Plus, it's affordable!

15. Chewy

screenshot of Chewy website

Whether you're a new pet owner or a proud parent to many furry friends, Chewy strives to help pets lead healthy, happy lives with its wide range of food, pharmacy items, toys, and furniture. Shop unique collections like senior pet products, birthday items, and personalized gifts, all centered around your pet. The brand even offers live help online from veterinarians as well as insurance plans in select states!

16. Athletic Greens

screenshot of Athletic Greens website

We love a brand that builds its foundation on education and transparency, and that's exactly what you'll find from Athletic Greens. One scoop of AG1 in your daily routine can improve gut health, immunity, energy, and recovery, and the brand makes sure to outline how each does so. Athletic Greens's website is rich with knowledge about how each ingredient works as well as testimonials from everyday users, health experts, athletes, and performers.


screenshot of SEIKO website

Cutting-edge watch manufacturer SEIKO was founded in Tokyo in 1881. Providing leading products for international sports like diving watches as well as watches for everyday wear, SEIKO remains a go-to solution for trustworthy tech. The SEIKO Museum Ginza in Japan takes visitors through the company's history, mission, and how products have developed over the years to serve its large customer base.

18. Farrow & Ball

screenshot of Farrow & Ball website

Farrow & Ball makes paint more than a part of the home improvement experience with rich, handcrafted palettes and wallpaper catering to every consumer's design needs. We're absolutely obsessed with the brand's inspiration galleries featuring real customers' creativity through their own social media posts. You're not just shopping for paint on this website — with samples, color consultancies, and endless inspiration, you're shopping for an experience.

19. Aritzia

screenshot of Aritzia website

Apparel company Aritzia is an affordable yet high-quality clothing brand serving women of every generation. Boasting a wide range of basics as well as formal apparel and athletic wear, Aritzia is the it-girl of 2023 fashion. Don't just take it from us; the majority of products are highly rated, and reviews offer information like a customer's usual size, height, and fit rating. Many of Aritzia's basic pieces are also available in slightly different styles like cropped or bodysuit.

20. Spanx

screenshot of Spanx website

Spanx provides shapewear to women of all body types, with the goal of helping women feel good about themselves and confident in their day-to-day lives. But the brand doesn't stop at shapewear; did you know Spanx also sells everyday clothing and athletic wear? With flare leggings and pants growing in popularity this year, Spanx now offers some retro flare jeans optimized for the wearer's comfort.

21. Drybar

screenshot of Drybar website

Under parent brand Helen of Troy, Drybar's website is made up of premium hair products and accessories as well as tutorials, inspiration, and tons of customer testimonials. Shoppers can even see why customers purchased a product with Checkout Comments on each product page — many of which mention influencers who have raved about the brand on social media! Drybar also has several in-person locations for blowouts.

22. 24 Hour Fitness

screenshot of 24-Hour Fitness website

Popular gym franchise 24 Hour Fitness is known for its all-inclusive gym locations with "thousands of square feet of premium strength and cardio equipment, turf zones, lap pools, steam rooms and more." The company also offers virtual training, an app for easy gym visits and planning, and community support online. Our favorite part is the carousel of real customer photos on 24 Hour's homepage!

23. Royal Caribbean Cruises

screenshot of Royal Carribbean website

Based in Miami, Royal Caribbean Cruises takes vacationers to over 300 destinations internationally on some pretty incredible ships. These cruise ships look more like amusement parks, attracting adventure-seekers with top-notch dining, entertainment, and activities for the whole family. Whether you want to sail to Italy for some sightseeing or watch whales off the coast of Alaska, Royal Caribbean has it all.

24. Lovesac

screenshot of Lovesac website

Can you say aesthetic? Lovesac sure can. With modern, cleanly designed "sactionals," couches, and other accessories, Lovesac offers a variety of solutions to upgrade your home's look and feel. The website is easy to navigate, so shoppers aren't overwhelmed, and consistently highlights new features like a 4D couch experience and wireless charging on your couch.

25. Monster Energy

screenshot of Monster Energy website

According to Monster, energy drinks aren't just for hardcore athletes. Surf the brand's website and you'll find real stories from gamers, motorsports enthusiasts, DJs and other performers, and more customers on why they love Monster Energy drinks. These customer stories are also frequently highlighted on Monster's social channels to show how the brand's coffee, energy drinks, and tea are a staple of life for a variety of audiences.

Keep an eye on these top brands throughout the year... and maybe even take some tips from their marketing strategies!

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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