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Putting empathy at the heart of CX

Consumer behaviors constantly shifting, and their expectations across channels continue to rise. As a result, brands today need a unified approach to customer experience management.

This is where Emplifi comes in.

Join Mark Zablan, CEO of Emplifi, as he walks through the challenges that customer-centric brands face today, and how Emplifi can help brands deliver positive and empathetic experiences to consumers by bringing together marketing, care, and commerce in one unified CX platform.

Mark Zablan

Blog: Leading with empathy for better customer experience

Genuine empathy is powerful stuff. It anchors relationships, builds loyalty, and drives revenue.
Meet Emplifi

Webinar: Are you putting empathy at the heart of your CX? Meet Emplifi

Astute and Socialbakers are joining forces to become Emplifi: a bold new voice in CX that's bringing marketing, care, and commerce together to help brands empathize with customers, and amplify the right brand experiences. Learn more in this webinar.
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[Guide] CX in a new era of customer expectation

How can brands meet customers' ever-growing expectations and close the customer experience gap? Check out this guide to learn more.

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