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12 Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Brand in 2020

With over 3.8 billion active social media users worldwide, there’s no denying that social media is one of the most crucial channels in your marketing funnel. Improving your social campaigns goes a lot better with a reliable social media analytics tool.

While most social media platforms have their own embedded analytics, social media analytics tools can be your digital multi-purpose tool to help grow your brand. 

Why Use a Social Media Analytics Tool? 

Native metrics from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter can only give you limited information. Social media analytics tools can help you see your campaigns from a broader perspective – comparing metrics for multiple platforms, competitors, trends, and industry.

Now, in 2020, thousands of marketers are using the powers of automation and artificial intelligence. An AI-powered social media analytics tool can predict campaign performances, auto-suggest content recommendations, automate reports, and offer various paid ads analytics. 

Machine-driven tools can pinpoint specific negative conversations and comments that could take hours to search on your own. Certain tools can even recommend the best publishing times to post based on time zones.

To help find the right solution for you, we’ve compiled this list of 12 of the top options: 

Social Media Analytics Tools

Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud (formerly Socialbakers)

Marketers around the world can never go wrong with Socialbakers. Regardless of size or industry, Socialbakers takes analytics and social listening to the next level with predictive AI analytics, content performance, and side-by-side competitor summaries – all in one customizable dashboard.

What makes Socialbakers so unique is the one-calendar publisher, team collaborative community management, and a content creation hub. So there’s no need to flip through different systems just to get the results you need. 

Special features

  • **Deep Content Intelligence** – It’s the one place for marketers to see a comprehensive overview of their content performance, bringing data and creativity closer together. With automation, marketers have more room for strategy building and content creation.

  • Performance Prediction with Content Grading –  For organic engagement, Socialbakers’ Performance Prediction algorithm grades posts from A+ to D — allowing marketers to spot patterns in engagement and replicate their best-performing messages, images, and content types.

  • **Audience Insights** – Understanding your audience is important for any marketer. Marketers can access deep insights into their audiences with detailed breakdowns from interactions, activities, and interests across all their social media channels.

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Awario takes online brand reputation management seriously. Marketers can track online mentions from any connected social platform, allowing them to act fast and reply directly from their feed.

Awario can let marketers hone-in on the right conversations online, and they can act fast if one of those conversations turns into a disaster.

Special features

  • Mentions & Quick Responses – Marketers can find trending conversations and engage with mentions right from their feed.

  • Identifying Influencers – As influencer marketing grows, Awario can help marketers track influencers by age, gender, and demographics.


Need campaign measurements and advertising effectiveness? Marketers have turned to Talkwalker to get the full scope of social conversations about their brand across multiple social networks.

Special features

  • Trending Score – Talkwalker created a unique trending score to show marketers the latest trends right away without searching. That way, marketers can stay up to date with all the social media trends online.

  • The Virality Map – Marketers can track posts from a different perspective, allowing them to see posts with details and trends from all over the world in a visual graph.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps marketers connect with audiences and scale social media results at a global level. The platform focuses on social media management, data, and employee advocacy.

It’s a versatile tool that can cover all aspects of social media marketing in one place. Sprout Social can simplify social media analytics that’s easy for any marketer to share across all teams. 

Special features

  • Smart Inbox – Sprout Social created a special inbox that allows marketers to collect messages sent by people to their social accounts, allowing marketers to view all messages in one spot.

  • Twitter Automation – Marketers can measure Twitter performance with suggested replies to incoming tweets and Twitter feedback. They can also streamline conversations and see quantitative scores of audience interactions.

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When it comes to publishing metrics, Iconosquare can get marketers the analytics they need to improve their social media campaigns. 

Scheduling posts is smooth and user-friendly, and the platform provides additional insights and recommendations that Instagram and Facebook don’t offer.

Special features

  • Best Times to Post – Instagram’s algorithm is not chronological order, so the timing of posts is more crucial than ever. Iconosquare provides suggestions for the best times to post on social media based on engagement rates.

  • Hashtag Tracking – Hashtags are important for any trending conversations on social media. Marketers can use Iconosquare to discover the right hashtags for their next posts.


Khoros social media platform focuses on customer service and satisfaction. They take digital care seriously and provide marketers social media analytics for community management. By having this tool, they can resolve customers’ needs quickly. 

Special features

  • Fast Messaging & Analytics – The smooth interface allows marketers to message their customers fast and in real-time. Iconosquare also offers analytics on where messages arrive from and who shares their content.

  • Khoros Bot – It’s a self-sufficient chat bot that can communicate with customers. It comes with automated conversation responses to shorten the response time. 


BuzzSumo is known for its content marketing analytics worldwide. The high-performing platform generates content insights and helps monitor content performances from all angles. 

Content marketers have found that it’s the best solution for research. BuzzSumo can measure how much an article has been shared on the web.

Special features

  • Content Analyzer – With unlimited searches, content marketers can search the web for any content related to a keyword, and it also includes analytics for content engagement.

  • Question Analyzer – Content marketers can now use BuzzSumo to generate metrics for interactions and engagement on question-based sites, such as ecommerce sites, Yahoo! Answers, Quora, Reddit, and more.


Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media analytics tools, and marketers have always relied on its scheduling capabilities. Throughout the years, Hootsuite has grown and developed analytics for social media marketing, publishing, and content. 

Special features

  • Automated Scheduler – Marketers can maximize their engagement by automating their publishing strategy with Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite Impact – Hootsuite provides real-time strategy insights with recommendations to increase social media engagement and performance. 

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Many social media marketers around the world use Keyhole for hashtag tracking. Keyhole can track hashtags and provide comprehensive metrics for social media marketing.

Keyhole takes its social media analytics further with influencer metrics to analyze influencer profiles and connect hashtag metrics and keywords. 

Special features

  • Easy Reporting – Keyhole makes it easy for marketers to create, share, and download reports, all in a matter of minutes. With easy-to-read graphs and visualizations, marketers can show and explain reports with confidence 

  • Historical Reports – Marketers can access data on older reports up to 5 years in the past. That way, marketers can reanalyze their social media performance to develop more insights for future campaigns


If marketers need to revamp their influencer marketing strategy, they can always turn to TapInfluence. The platform can automate every part of content creation, social media management, and measure the impact of influencers.

Special features

  • Influencer Profiles – Marketers can access basic statistics of the influencer, including profile details, social connections, and audience data

  • Visual Search for Influencers – Marketers can search for influencers based on keywords about visual content, including logos, brand names, and the location of the image

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a social media analytics platform for public relations and marketing. With analytics, marketers can craft social media strategies and reflect on their content performance. 

The platform can monitor social media across multiple profiles, so marketers can access a full set of metrics. This can empower teams to make results-based decisions, rather than testing campaigns based on guesswork.

Special features

  • Campaign Reporting – Union Metrics provides campaign analytics for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, showing marketers content performance, audience engagement, and much more

  • Social Media Research – Marketers can travel into past social media data and lookup old campaigns and analytics, giving them an opportunity to reflect on and improve old strategies


Customer connections and customer experience management is Sprinklr’s specialty. Marketers can always count on Sprinklr to help with community, advertising, and social media marketing. 

The platform can help marketers listen and engage with conversations across social media channels, allowing marketers to really connect with its customers.

Special features

  • Performance Benchmarking – Marketers can use Sprinklr’s benchmarking metrics to see where they stand against their competitors and develop competitive insights for their next campaign 

  • Social Listening – Sprinklr helps marketers monitor and listen to profiles across multiple channels, providing them with clear analytics and visual graphs 

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The Takeaway

Regardless of the social media analytics tool you choose, using the powers of AI and automation are the keys to a successful social media campaign. 

Don’t rely too much on embedded metrics within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin, alone. Choosing the right tool for your brand can help you predict performances, develop new strategies, automate team workflows, and respond to customers faster than ever before. 

By using a tool that gives you a complete view of all social media analytics from all channels, you can finally see what’s working and what’s not in all your social media campaigns – all in one dashboard.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published on socialbakers.com. Any statistics or statements included in this article were current at the time of original publication.

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