Social media mastery in the Coppel journey with Emplifi

The challenge

For Coppel — a Mexican business group made up of three business units: BanCoppel, Afore Coppel, and more than 1750 retail stores — having a full-funnel customer engagement solution for social media was essential for driving eCommerce sales and tracking customer engagement. But with their previous solutions, they were constantly encountering obstacles that were getting in the way of them doing their best work and delivering the sort of experience their customers have come to expect over the past 80+ years.

Disconnection of their social platforms was a huge problem, leading not only to frustration and wasted time but also to loss of data that was crucial to their marketing efforts. In addition, due to a lack of dedicated features to track customer conversations, the Coppel team had to create logs where they could manually record these engagements in order to try to maintain some sense of a seamless experience. 

They were losing significant amounts of time and revenue while losing potential customers who couldn’t get their questions addressed in a timely and consistent manner, all for reasons completely out of their control, as their social media tools simply weren’t set up to give them the functionality they needed as a large and highly respected national brand.

The solution

When Coppel’s team came to Emplifi, it was clear that they had the right people in place but just needed the tools to complement them and empower them to easily use social media effectively and efficiently. 

Emplifi's community management tool was perfectly positioned to help them with all of their biggest challenges, providing them with an end-to-end community management solution that allows them to truly understand their diverse audiences and deliver memorable experiences with empathy. Furthermore, giving the Coppel team the ability to automate digital touchpoints would help them to reduce costs and scale up performance. And with automated social media workflows alongside flexible custom widgets that would allow them to make rapid, data-driven decisions, they’d have everything in place.

The result

Coppel has seen rapid, marked improvement in social media engagement and efficiency since the switch to Emplifi. In 2023, engagement improved across every social media channel where they were active, and Facebook engagement grew so much that they quintupled their initial goal of 1% to 5%. 

Likewise, putting an end to the manual logs their team was keeping in order to track comments with potential customers was a huge efficiency improvement, as Emplifi’s automated workflows handled all of that tracking and provided the results to them in an easy-to-use, visual dashboard that could be shared across teams to any stakeholders involved in the process.

"By connecting all of our platforms in a single solution, we can compare between accounts and our own performance over time, notice our competitors' strategy shifts, and bring in our reporting partners into the solution so we can focus on strategy," said Ana Marín, Head of Content Marketing at Coppel.

Now, Ana’s team at Coppel has a much better understanding of workloads and response rates, with simple content tagging to allow them to see what’s working on each platform. That gives them better insights into their overall performance on social media so they can move more quickly and accomplish more with fewer resources. 

"We can see the big picture of our social media efforts," Marín said. "Finally, we can compare month over month and year over year while also learning from our strategy to make adjustments with easier and faster reports."

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