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Emplifi Community Corner: Why LinkedIn is in its renaissance era

Evelyn Taylor — Community Manager, Emplifi

Community Corner: Why LinkedIn is in its renaissance era

LinkedIn has transformed from a job search platform to a valuable community connector for marketers.

As X continues to undergo myriad changes and Instagram battles TikTok to become the go-to channel for social video, an unexpected social media platform has found its way to the limelight among marketers: LinkedIn.

Because the social media landscape is so dynamic, cultivating relationships with other marketers can provide inspiration, support, or guidance. Especially over the past few years, LinkedIn has grown from a job listing platform into a valuable avenue for marketers to exchange knowledge, establish their personal brands, and curate an engaged online audience. In 2024, LinkedIn saw its highest percentage growth (7.4%) in revenue in three years, and over 900 million people use the platform.

A space for learning and support from fellow marketers

As a marketer, you’re tasked with staying up-to-date on pop culture and industry trends, which means spending a lot of time on social media. Social media managers are also in charge of determining whether or not a new trend or feature is worth their brand’s time and, if so, how it can fit into their existing social strategy. Then, they have to convey the value of that strategy to their broader team.

These responsibilities can feel daunting, and that’s why it’s incredibly beneficial to seek out other marketers and social media experts for advice, support, and inspiration. The marketing community on LinkedIn has grown especially strong, as seasoned marketers and newbies alike share their thoughts on industry trends, like the shift to long-form video on TikTok.

LinkedIn has introduced various new content types and avenues for users to connect with their networks, including newsletters, live streams, and audio events like Jayde Powell’s #CreatorTeaTalk series on the creator economy. LinkedIn thought leaders and creators have more flexibility than ever when it comes to sharing their insights and starting a dialogue in a way that feels authentic to them.

Explaining what a social media manager actually does

If you work in social media in any capacity, you’re probably aware of the many misconceptions about the role of a social media manager (SMM). SMMs are often left out of important conversations at work while simultaneously being expected to manage an unreasonable amount of tasks that would be best spread throughout their marketing team. At the same time, it’s sometimes reduced to a job for an intern to post memes.

LinkedIn has increasingly provided a space for marketers to feel heard and educate their networks about what an SMM should realistically be responsible for. This shift has created a flywheel effect, empowering more social media marketers to bring visibility and clarity to their roles. Tameka Bazile shared some of the behind-the-scenes tasks managed by SMMs. 

Thought leaders like Jon-Stephen Stansel frequently speak up on LinkedIn to convey the value and importance of SMMs, and help people outside of the social realm understand the common challenges they face.

Social media experts continue to chime in on LinkedIn, bringing awareness to the field and paving the way to more social-focused and effective marketing strategies.

LinkedIn for personal branding and freelancing

The growing discussions around social media marketing combined with new features launched by LinkedIn in the past decade have also given rise to personal branding and freelancing in the marketing space. LinkedIn creators who participate in collaborative articles and post their own insights regularly can earn Top Voices Badges, empowering them to build a meaningful online presence.

Today, as new types of creators emerge, you don’t have to be a “traditional” influencer to make a name for yourself online. Marketers like Joel Primack and Erin Balsa explain the value of developing a personal brand on LinkedIn and give tips to those just starting their personal branding journey.

LinkedIn has been quietly climbing the ranks as a resource for marketers to feel supported, learn from their peers to develop stronger social media strategies, and further their own careers through personal branding. As the active user base continues to grow, brands and individuals alike shouldn’t overlook the potential value of maintaining an active presence on this channel.

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