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Don't just meet customer expectations — exceed them

Customers want their experiences to be easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. One bad experience can drive them away.

With Emplifi, take on these evolving expectations with confidence. Get the latest insights and tools to help you deliver amazing experiences across the entire customer journey.

86%of customers will leave a brand they love after as few as two poor experiences. (Emplifi/Harris Interactive)

Stay up to speed with the latest customer insights.

Emplifi - 7 fascinating facts every customer service team must know today

[Report] 7 fascinating facts every customer service team must know today

Perhaps no other department comes face-to-face with customers' changing expectations than the service team. So, what do those expectations look like today? Power your customer care strategy with the latest insights.
Emplifi Webinar feat. Jay Baer: 5 ways to satisfy customers

5 ways to satisfy customers who expect more than ever (feat. Jay Baer)

Customer expectations keep evolving, so what do they look like in 2022? Join us for an insightful discussion with Jay Baer (Marketing and CX expert) as we dive into key insights from a recent Emplifi-commissioned report. Check it out today!
Emplifi - So you want to buy a chatbot

[Guide] So you want to buy a customer service chatbot?

75% of consumers today find it important to have access to a fully self-serve customer care option. Chatbots are helping brands meet these expectations. This step-by-step guide will help pick the right one for your needs.

Having the right tools is essential to be able to exceed your customers' expectations.

Here's how Emplifi can help

Emplifi Bot

Emplifi Bot

Give your customers the instant answers they crave

75% of consumers find it important to have a fully self-service customer care option available to them. Go above and beyond with AI chatbots that give the answers they need in seconds.
EVA (email virtual assistant)

Email Virtual Assistant (EVA)

Make slow email support a thing of the past

Email is the channel of choice for many consumers. One problem - processing, analyzing, troubleshooting, and crafting a personalized reply can take forever in your customers' eyes. Do it all in real-time with EVA.
Emplifi VoC

Emplifi VoC

Let customers tell you directly what they expect

The only way to truly understand what your customers need, expect, and prefer from their experiences is to ask them directly. Uncover these key insights (and more) with powerful and intuitive customer feedback solutions.

Just some of our clients who are seeing results from exceeding their customers' expectations.


Saved $2 million+ in support and operations costs

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Elevated the website experience using targeted customer feedback

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Reduced contact handling times by 20%

Don't settle for ordinary

With the right solutions, your CX doesn’t have to be. See how Emplifi can help!

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