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Emplifi's unified platform drives social media results

For more than 20 years, Petlove has served around 1 million pet parents with a portfolio that includes more than 15,000 products, and services such as hosting and veterinary care at home. Social media serves as a channel for Petlove to interact with their audience. It is also used to showcase Petlove’s services, products, and content. 

"As a company that was born digital, it is essential that we are where our customers are and stay on top of everything that happens on the internet," said Livia Blanco, Brand Manager, Petlove. 

With so much content on the Internet, Petlove wanted to find a way to ensure their content was reaching their audience. They also wanted guidance in producing content that resonates most with their customers.

Streamlined community management

With Emplifi, Petlove was able to gain speed and oversight on their social responding operations, and closely look at how their strategy contributes to the company's goal. Petlove can also get detailed visual insights into audience sentiment for any post, campaign, or topic, so they can understand the emotional impact of their marketing content. Emplifi enabled Petlove to scale their community management without lowering the quality of interactions with their online community. From brand mentions to DMs, Emplifi also makes it easy for Petlove to manage interactions across different social channels and interact with audiences at scale in one unified platform.

"Being close to our community and having a conversation with followers is super important," added Blanco. "Everything we do is designed for our audience and Emplifi has been a great ally in optimizing time and making strategic and assertive decisions in content planning and social media management. We still have a lot of room to grow and optimize our content, always aiming to further engage our pet lover’s community."

With access to one clear dashboard and powerful analytics in Emplifi, Petlove can measure their own profiles, as well as their competitors’ performance. Promoted Post Detection also offers insights into which posts are best to post. 

Additionally, with Emplifi, Petlove can identify which content offers an opportunity for the best paid performance through artificial intelligence and historical analysis, making budget allocation decisions easier. 

"The quick analysis offered by Emplifi has enabled us to make faster decisions, optimize our strategy and make more assertive decisions," said Blanco.

New pet partnerships 

Since September 2020, Petlove has announced some important partnerships and acquisitions for the pet market. The brand joined forces with Vetus, DogHero, and Porto.Pet — the biggest Brazilian health insurance for pets, by Porto Seguro — to offer services such as a home veterinarian, accommodation, pet sitter, health insurance, and more.

From 2020 to 2021, Petlove’s user-generated content strategy contributed to an increase of more than 159% in brand mentions and 167% in the total of comments in their own profiles. Additionally, YTD in 2021,  Petlove is the brand with the most interactions amongst the most recognized e-commerce pet brands.  

The takeaway

Petlove is the place people turn to when they need something for their pets. Emplifi enables Petlove to get quick and accurate insights so they can optimize their content strategy and become agile in social responding. 

Do you need help managing your social community? If you would like help driving social media results, schedule a demo with an Emplifi expert today.

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