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Boost reach, engagement, and conversions with Emplifi Influencers. Discover, vet, and manage top influencers, and measure the true ROI of your campaigns.

Drive high-impact influencer marketing campaigns

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Influencer discovery and vetting

Campaign management

Product for posts

Influencer dashboards

Shoppable content

Find the fit 

Actionable task automation

Turn customers into advocates

Amplify content from your happiest customers with Emplifi UGC

Tap into user-generated content from your nano- and micro-influencers to enhance your social media presence, streamline content management, and boost conversion rates.

Emplifi Product: Emplifi UGC

Master the influencer marketing landscape

Emplifi Influencers - Influencer Marketing

AI-powered influencer analysis

Integrated campaign management

Content distribution

Create perfect influencer partnerships

Emplifi Influencers - Influencer Marketing

Transparent insights

Side-by-side campaign comparisons

Prevent influencer fraud

Drive authenticity across your marketing, commerce, and care efforts by combining these Emplifi solutions

Emplifi UGC
Emplifi Ratings & Reviews
Emplifi Influencers
Emplifi UGC

Emplifi UGC

Authentically amplify brand voice and grow reputation through governed, cheap, high-quality UGC directly from your customers.

  • Distribute user-generated content and manage permissions easily across multiple touchpoints, including your website, email campaigns, and on social.

  • Use social proof to move prospective customers through the purchase funnel.

  • Identify micro- and macro-influencers to build relationships and foster goodwill and loyalty.

  • Engage your social community by leveraging your brand’s biggest fans to help grow your audience.

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews

Emplifi Ratings & Reviews

Boost volume, coverage, and quality across your product catalog.

  • Easily source reviews with diverse customer feedback from different types of review content. 

  • Automatically collect and syndicate your seller ratings to enrich your online reputation.

  • Streamline review monitoring with language filtering, product tagging, ecommerce integrations, and professional moderation services. 

  • Combine reviews with Emplifi UGC to maximize social proof across the customer journey.

Emplifi Influencers

Emplifi Influencers

Easily discover, vet, and manage top influencers using our AI-powered analysis, and keep track of all influencer details and communications in one place.

  • Discover influencers and manage communications and campaigns in one place.

  • Amplify influencer content by reusing content across digital channels.

  • Measure the true ROI of your campaigns with a consolidated view of reach, engagement, and sales.

Just some of the brands being empowered by the Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud

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"Working with multiple partners, it was key to keep track of every part of the campaign. Using labels to group and analyze their content within Emplifi was integral. It helped us to track our performance and showcase the success of the campaign across all social channels."

Franceska Hunt

Social Media and Digital Campaign Manager

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Award - G2: Easiest to Use (Fall 2023)
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